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Message To My Wife

Luksi Humma

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I wanted to write a story of love today being Valentine’s Day. It is a perfect time to express the many feelings that a man can experience, once he has truly found a perfect mate. While trying to express my love for my wife on a daily basis, today, the sweet taste of chocolate is still in my taste buds and reminds me of my wife’s favorite food.

It seems common for many people who commit themselves to a relationship for life to have some serious ups and downs. My parents certainly did, and so did we. I have found that the qualities that make the important difference in our relationship; is persistence and the willingness to change. Never have I understood those words more than now.

A man, who has had the unfortunate experience of having a major falling out with his wife, will understand, that the door sure looks like an inviting escape hatch when things are too hot to handle. That door has looked like a raft in the ocean near a sinking ship to me on more than one occasion. What changed at this point in my life is something I kept denying myself, success in a relationship.

Men, are you also denying success for yourself? It is much easier to walk out and away from a bad moment in time than to stop and face the music and work towards turning your attitude around and going back to the bargaining table. I gave it away just then; the secret is what I mean. Life is a bargaining table after all.

Don’t blow me off with a gust of hot air and a macho wave of the hand. I used to do that too. I have really and truly found a secret to having a great relationship with my wife and you can benefit from this experience. It is all about the macho persona we men are imbued with as we grow up.

How many times have you said you were sorry to someone this year? How many times have you said “I was wrong", that was a near impossibility for me, until now. It took me almost my whole life to learn that I was not going to suffer any deep penetrating wounds to apologize to my wife for being a knuckle head. At one point in my life it would have been impossible to even consider printing that, much less, says it with real meaning.

Let’s explore the really hard one for us men, “I am sorry" it was like cutting flesh for me. Why? Who knows why, I just know that if I said those words, my life would be over as I knew it for all the years I was alive. I would shrink from six foot tall to just under four feet for sure. I would loose all my hair and I would start thinking girlie thoughts.

Struck by some wild, unconceivable thought one day. While my wily wife trapped me into a box of undeniability, a place where I could not explain my way out, I uttered the horrid words, “I am sorry, you’re right". My wife almost fainted and she ran for the tape recorder. “Oh, very funny I thought", trapped like a rat, I said the cursed words. Now I am dead for sure. Every argument we get into, I will be expected to say, “I am sorry".

Nine years later, I adore my wife, she looks more beautiful than she ever did before, I can’t wait to see her each day. We hardly fight at all and she really respects me. She buys me wonderful cards, such as the one she gave me today for Valentine’s, filled with meaning and respect. I never knew that a man could have such a great life just by uttering a few meaningful words, like, “I Love You, Sweetheart", “I really do".

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