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Those Moles Will Drive You Nuts!

Mark Dotson

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How many times have you just wanted to take a steam roller to your yard? How can such a small animal make such a huge mess! It is not only a mess, but a loss of money through sod and lawn damage.

I know you are frustrated, but we have the answers. The fact is, trapping is the only effective mole control method developed. All the research says the same thing. Let me repeat myself. Traps not only work, but they are the only effective method to control moles.

And the other advantage with trapping is that there are no more pesticides and chemicals being sprayed on the soil and grass where your children and pets play.

Let me be frank with you. Trapping moles is easy. Unfortunately, it is also easy to make simple mistakes that interfere with your success. Mistakes will aggravate you and cause you to fail in your control campaign.

There are all sorts of home remedies people try. Running the hose and hoping to drown it. Sticking bubble gum down the holes. Using smoke bombs and some have even poured gasoline on their lawn! None of these techniques is recommended!

An instructional video and the proper tools will make your success rates much higher than simply buying a trap and shoving it in the ground. This is why you need professional instruction.

Your yard does not have to look as if a bomb went off. Fight back now with the proper instruction and tools and get your yard back to normal again! And be the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful well maintained yard!

Mark Dotson, Wildlife Control Expert and veteran mole control professional. To learn more about mole control, visit More detailed wildlife control information and products can be found at Sign up for a regular e-newsletter about working in the field of Wildlife Management at our website.


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