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Mole Damage Occurs in Two Forms

Mark Dotson

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Mole damage occurs in two forms, push ups and boils. Push ups are the raised portions of the grass that sort of snake through your soil. These push ups are formed when the mole is close to the ground surface. As he digs, the soil is simply pushed up above him. Boils result from the mole's deep digging activity.

Normally these occur in the fall or early spring. In these circumstances the mole is digging so deep in the soil that he cannot push the soil above him. Thus he must actually carry the soil to the surface. The locations where the soil is brought to the surface are called boils.

Removing moles from a yard can be a tricky proposition if you are not prepared.

But by arming yourself with the proper information and techniques, you can control moles in your yard too!

One of the best methods to bring you up to speed on catching moles is a video. Instead of trying to read a book and learn, you simply pop the video in and get trained by an expert in the field of trapping moles.

This video takes you step-by-step through mole biology and habits, identifying your problem areas, traps; Spear; Scissors; Nash; and NoMol, some common mistakes, and SHOWING the results.

Next, you have a choice between traps. I would recommend for the beginner that they start off with the spear trap or the scissor trap. The spear is an easier trap to use, but both of these are covered in the video.

Armed with this information, you will be able to return your lawn to its former lush condition!

Mark Dotson, Wildlife Control Expert and veteran mole control professional. To learn more about mole control, visit More detailed wildlife control information and products can be found at Sign up for a regular e-newsletter about working in the field of Wildlife Management at our website.


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