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Vitamins For Your Baby


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It seems that everyone has a different opinion when it comes to giving vitamins to your baby. This decision has to come down to you the parent. Some Dr's will say that your baby doesn't need vitamins, and others will say go ahead and give them a multi- vitamin, it depends on your doctor but for your babies safety you should definitely follow your Dr's advice.

When your baby is first born, your baby is healthy and doesn't need vitamins. Your baby is getting vitamins through breast milk or formula. It isn't until your baby quits breastfeeding or drinking formula that you may want to consider giving a vitamin supplement to your baby.

Once baby starts on solids it is more difficult to know that baby is eating a healthy diet. Baby may one day eat really good and the next take a couple bites of something and spit out all her vegetables. If my baby is anything like any of yours, he will eat the favorite food of the week and most of the time it is not the most nutritious thing for him to eat. But if you mothers are like me you are just thankful that he is eating something, anything! So if your baby is a fussy eater and you are not sure weather or not he is eating a healthy balanced diet, then I suggest a liquid multi-vitamin specifically designed for infants. You can find these sort of vitamins at your local health food store.

Stay away from gummy vitamins until at least the age of 3 or 4 . There are some things that your baby isn't allowed to have yet. Liquid infant multi-vitamins give dosage usually by weight which is good because then you know how much vitamins are safe for your baby. You never should give your baby adult vitamins as these contain a higher dosage of vitamins that is way to much for your babies body to handle. To much of anything can harm your body, with the exception of love.

Babies as well as adults do need some vitamins to stay healthy. Vitamin D for example. We get Vitamin D through the sun, so make sure your baby gets out at least 30 min a week. Of course in the winter time when there is frigid temperatures no one wants to go outside. That is why a vitamin supplement is so good. When looking for a vitamin supplement for your baby look at how much Vitamin D is in it. If the amount of Vitamin D exceeds 400 IU per day don't buy it. To much Vitamin D can be toxic to your baby.

Babies and Toddlers also need Iron and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great preventative vitamin, it boosts the immune system and is good to give when baby has a cold. They have vitamin C liquid drops for infants as well. Vitamin C can help the absorption of Iron so it has that benefit as well. Your multi-vitamin will have Vitamin C in it already so until baby is sick there is no need for extra Vitamin C.

Iron is essential for babies up to 18 months. An Iron deficiency can cause developmental as well as behavioral problems in infants. Although in some babies to much iron can be constipating, it is essential for there growth. There is iron enriched cereals and formulas for younger babies and iron will most likely be in your multi-vitmamin. You should always read the labels to make sure.

With our food and soil not being enriched with the vitamins and minerals it once had, I am all for giving my child vitamins. I feel good knowing that my son is getting all the things he needs to grow and thrive. Always cheek with your child's doctor before starting a vitamin regimen. I have noticed since I have started giving my son a multi- vitamin he hasn't been sick.

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