Is Your Child Too Sick to Go To Daycare?


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On February 8th, 2007 the Wall Street Journal published an article on “sick days-when to keep your child home from daycare”. To summarize the article it basically discussed the fact that many parent’s have problems when children become ill and they still have to go to work.

This is very true, many parent’s do have problems when finding back-up childcare mainly because we are a busy society and just about everyone has something planned today, tomorrow and next week. So when a child does all of the sudden become ill it’s a huge issue.

Part of the problem also lies in the child care facility and their clear explanation of what their policies are. The article in the Wall Street Journal stated that many parents were not sure as to what the sick policy was of their childcare center. So, at 2A. M. does the parent have a clear understanding of whether that child should stay home? Maybe, maybe not.

Everyone realizes that the best place for a sick child is at home- it's in the best interest of the child to advocate this in our daycare centers and to our parents.

As a reminder, when new parent enrolls in your childcare be sure to discuss with them your policies. What are the specific restrictions you have when a child is ill? And be exact, what is the exact temperature that a child should be not allowed into childcare. Make sure that you take a special time to discuss your policies on illness and what illnesses are not allowed in daycare.

Policies are so very important you definitely want to keep your daycare smooth and running.

Love and Blessings,

Christine Groth
Daycare Diva

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