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Is not Technology just the grandest thing? There was a time that all of your left over food scraps would go to the hogs. Of course since we have moved into suburbia and we are not a society of farmers anymore we have to do something with the left over food scraps. Lets face they really mess up those pretty plastic trash cans and who has time to hose those out like my father and his father before him did.

So bam some smart person figured we ought to have a garbage disposal built into our sinks right inside the home. No it is not like the Flintstones and their dino garbage disposal this is a purely mechanical machine.

I want to share some tips on how you might better take care of your disposal.

First and foremost make sure that dishes and utensils are not in the sink when running the disposal. The disposal needs cold water at all times dishes can block the flow of water as well as foods to the disposal. Utensils will wind up in the disposal. I have seen many a spoon mangled. (Do not stick your hand in to remove the utensil while the disposal is running) It is important to put the food to be disposed of, into the disposal slowly. Cramming the food down the disposal will only cause it to stop working correctly. It is not a good idea to put fat from meat or liquid grease or fat down your garbage disposal either both can cause the disposal to become plugged requiring you or a very expensive plumber to take the plumbing apart and clean out the plug in order to get the disposal running properly.

Putting large bones down the disposal (like those of recently deceased someone) is a very bad idea, but you can put small bones down they will help to clean the inside of your disposal.

Unless you are running a commercial restaurant disposal you should not allow the garbage to build up in the disposal instead run and rinse the disposal every time you put garbage in it, the cheaper disposals will corrode from food sitting in them for extended periods of time.

If you think your disposal sounds odd it probably means there is a foreign object like your car keys, (Bless little Johnnies heart he just did not know what he was doing). Turn off the disposal look under the sink to see how the disposal is plugged in if it is a regular pug then unplug it. Obviously, if you can not see a plug than you should find a way to cover or block access to the switch for your garbage disposal while your hands are in it. You may want to stick something other than your hands in the disposal at first just assure your self there are now monsters a broom handle works great of course the broom handle can help with freeing the disposal, stick the handle end into the disposal and stir the disposal to get it moving again. Since we are still looking for those keys, reach in to the disposal (take off important jewelry) feel around in there for something unusual like the alarm fob or what is left of it, to your Lexus. Remove all the pieces you can find. Plug the disposal back in turn on the water and turn on the disposal there may a small noise but it should fade as the last pieces of your charm disappear. Sometimes the disposal will completely lock up causing it shut off. Some models come with a switch on the bottom of the disposal the will trip instead of allowing the disposal to burn up. Once again after you have removed any possible obstruction push the switch in and the disposal should reset and be ready to run.

It is ok to run hot water down the disposal when it is not running.

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