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Ultimately, family is the closest relationship we experience in this life. At birth, we enter into a relationship with those we will share our lives with on a daily basis throughout our childhood. As we grow, the quality of that relationship dictates how we will interact with family and friends as our relationships expand. With this in mind focusing on your family relationships should take top priority.

It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The best thing you can do for yourself and those you share your life with, is to stay grounded and make a conscious effort to stay connected with your family. Children require unlimited attention. During these times a few insignificant efforts on your part can transform into very significant feelings of acceptance as they mature. Children inevitably demand our attention most when we’re the busiest, they cry and prod for our attention, and seemingly babble endlessly about nothing at all. Take the time to stop what you’re doing and offer your undivided attention, if only for a moment. This small act can calm the restless feelings children acquire when the world is revolving so quickly around them.

Dedicate fifteen minutes a day for reading to small children, interact and play with them periodically during your time together. As they grow, consciously spend time with them daily, open topics for discussions and ask them about their day. Talking to your children can give you an early heads up and help prevent potential problems that may arise while they’re at school or away from home.

Select one day a week and devote it to family time, go on an outing, play a board game, or just throw a ball around. Avoid watching TV or DVD’s during this time, this should be a time for you to interact with one another in an effort to allow your family to bond and share what they’ve been doing all week. If you don’t have an entire day to devote to family, it is important to designate a specified period of time you can spend together. Please keep in mind quality time is of the essence, an hour or so will do very little for your families growth.

In addition to devoting one day a week to family, it is important to consistently interact and talk with one another daily. Traditionally, dinner time has been designated as the time for family discussions. In this day and age, society and work demand a big part of our day. Long gone are the days when Moms stayed home tending to household chores, raising kids, and had dinner ready to serve when Dad came through the door at five. Few of us have that luxury now. This doesn’t mean that you can’t designate a meal time as family time. You can sit down with your family for breakfast before starting your day, or you can designate dinner time to be the time you can keep connected.

Whatever your choices are when establishing your priorities to focus on family growth, it’s likely everyone won’t consider the time chosen to be a convenience. If you are just beginning to start this tradition, there will be members of your family that may need some adjustment time to get accustomed to the idea. Be patient but firm in your conviction to bring your family closer. Your time and effort will produce well rounded kids, and strengthen marriages or relationships with your significant other. If you have dating age teenagers, invite their friends to join you for dinner regularly, it will set the mold for them when they begin to establish their own family priorities.

Donna Vestre is a business owner/freelance writer and single mother of five children (four of which are grown with children of their own now). Donna enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and extended family. Please visit Donna at Authors are invited to browse the Guest Speaker's Lounge and submit articles for consideration of publication.


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Relationship Tips For Staying Connected When Work Takes You Apart
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