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Easy Feng Shui Bedroom Tips


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The bedroom is the most important part of the house. In a day we spend at least 8 out of 24 hours in the bedroom. It de-stresses us at the end of the day and gives us enough energy to get up and get going at the beginning of the next day. Feng shui places great importance on encouraging good chi in the bedroom so your could get optimum benefits from its good vibrations. In a reverse scenario, we could suffer the ill effects of bad Feng shui.

One glaring example is the connection with an accident-prone person and the wrongful placement of his bed. Ideally one should get a minimum of 8 hours sleep. This means that you would be spending 1/3rd of the day on your bed itself. That is by all means a long time in one place and your bed should be given its due importance. Bad positioning of the bed and its surrounding can make for a bad, restless sleep and its ensuing health problems.

You need to keep in mind a few points while designing your bedroom for best Feng shui results. The most important is to place the head of bed in such a way that it has a solid wall behind it. This ensures that your head is as close as possible to the solid wall and protects it. When your head is ‘unprotected’ by the wall it gets exposed to negative or inauspicious energies that may be floating around.

In Feng shui, the height of your bed is equally important. A very high bed could give you the feeling of being suspended in mid-air. Feng shui lays great stress on so-called earth energy. You need to stay grounded to offset certain negative energies. When you are asleep in a Yin state you leave your energy system wide open and could be easily affected by these negative vibrations. Sleeping in this ‘suspended’ manner leaves you open on all sides and leave you much more vulnerable.

According to Feng shui you should try as much as possible not to have a ceiling fan directly above your bed. A ceiling fan radiates intrinsic energy imprints, which keep our middle-section empty. This could be especially dangerous to pregnant women. Even to someone who is not pregnant this could upset the balance of the solar plexus. This is exactly what causes the feeling of being ungrounded or the feeling of free falling when one is going through a particularly bad phase.

Mirrors should as far as possible be avoided in the bedroom. If you need to have one, make sure it is not in direct line with your bed. Mirrors are said to cause nightmares by reflecting your negative energy while you sleep. The same goes for all other reflecting surfaces such as computer screens or framed pictures and paintings.

The bedroom should have a predominance of pastel or relaxing colors that soothe and relax you, not loud bright colors that energize you and keep you wide awake.

Try these few simple Feng Shui Bedroom tips out for yourself. You should start to see improvement almost immediately. And remember, these are only the beginning of what Feng Shui can do for you.

Charles Chang is a Feng Shui enthusiast and author. He enjoys helping others with Feng Shui through his articles and website.


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