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Finding a baby sitter can be stressful. We love our kids so much that it can be very hard to trust another with our kids. So here are some safety tips that you can share with your baby sitter to farther ensure your Childs safety, while you are away.

-Have a list of rules posted so that the babysitter knows them and can be reminded of all the rules.

-Make sure your babysitter has participated in a CPR class and knows the Heimlich maneuver as well.

-Be careful and use a rail when going up and down stairs, especially when you are carrying a child.

-Don't let children play in or around swimming pools, or ponds.

-Don't let children play near or around the street.

-Don't let children skateboard, climb trees, or participate in any dangerous activities, even if the parents allow the children to do these activities when they are home.

-Never play with matches, lighters, or fireworks while you are babysitting.

-Never watch more than 3 or 4 children at a time, this includes neighborhood children if playing outside, this is a big responsibility and hard to pay attention to all of them. Especially if there are small children present.

- Be alert and cautious of your surroundings at all times.

- Be preventative, don't let children climb on countertops; play with small objects, or around sharp corners such as coffee tables. Try to avoid injury.

-Never leave a child alone while eating.

-Never let children play with balloons, they are a choking hazard.

-Be alert

-Watch out for strangers

-Always lock the doors and close the curtains when you go inside.

-Be careful around dogs. Especially with small children, stay clear while you are baby sitting.

-Call an adult if the children aren't behaving, if you are feeling scared or panicked. The parent won't think any less of you; chances are they will trust you more. Better safe than sorry. This shows that you are concerned about the children.

-Know all the emergency numbers. 911, the doctors number or nurses hotline, poison control, fire department, and polices numbers are all good to have posted on the refrigerator. Of course have a number where you the parent can be reached on your cell phone and an address of the place you are going to be.

- Have a secondary emergency contact, which the baby sitter can call if you can not be reached. Next door neighbor, friend etc. Someone who can get there fast, if you are far away.

-Make sure the babysitter knows not to have friends or boyfriends over, unless it is allowed by the parent.

-This may sound paranoid but a tape recorder left on and a hidden camera, this proven to stop child *** ographers.

-Only hire a babysitter who is mature enough to take care of a child.

These are just some tips that you should go over with your babysitter, always use common sense when hiring a babysitter. Someone who you trust and has been recommended by others is usually a good choice. Good Luck finding a babysitter.


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