Naming Your New Pet


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You’ve chosen the cutest little *insert pet here* - that’s the hard part over and done with. . . right? Naming your adorable new pet can be troublesome, especially if you have never had the responsibility of naming a creature before.

So how does one go about naming a pet? Basically, it all comes down to personal preference. If you like the typical standard pet names, then you are more then welcome to call your dog Fido. Some people like to be a little more creative when naming their pet, using TV or novel characters. Others use ‘human’ names that they like or think are unusual.

When it comes to naming a pet, you can go one of several ways. The following is just a small list of possible names that you might consider using:

  • Use a typical pet name, such as Fido, Spike, Socks, Mr. Whiskers or Spot
  • Use a famous pet names from a move or book, like Lassie, Frank [Men In Black], Shere Khan [Jungle Book], Aslan [Narnia Series]
  • Use one of your favorite names. It can be any name, from any origin.
  • Sometimes, the personality of the pet once it starts to mature, or becomes comfortable in it’s new surroundings, doesn’t really suit the name you gave it. You can give the pet a new name or even a nickname that relates more to it’s personality, for example a cat that thinks it is a dog may be called Fido

  • If those suggestions don’t sit well, and you plan on having several pets, you may like to find a theme or common factor when it comes naming your pets [you are more than welcome to use the following for a single pet]. Some themed name ideas may include:

  • Use your favorite songs – for example: Queens’ “Bohemian Rhapsody” you could call one pet ‘Bohemian’ and the other Rhapsody”.

  • Drinks – for example: Rum and Coke, Bundy, Dark n’ Stormy, JD (Jack Daniels)

  • Muppets – for example: Camilla (perfect for a pet chicken), Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Sweetums, Wayne and Wanda (for fish, perhaps), Baskerville. There are hundreds of Muppet characters [try a Google search for more Muppet names].
  • Disney or other Cartoon characters – for example: Tinkerbelle, Tigger, Zazu, Stitch, Razoul, Scooby, Shaggy, Stimpy

  • These are just a few examples that you can use when looking for a name for a new pet. There are literally thousands of names that you could use. Try not to use really common pet names, especially if there are a few neighborhood pets with the same or similar names – it may get confusing.

    Also, try to give your new pet its own name; don’t copy someone else’s pets’ name or even the name of a deceased childhood pet [i. e. Snowball III]. Like people, animals are unique characters with their own personalities. You shouldn’t try to replace an old pet, you a getting a new pet.

    Remember: Be creative and make sure you like the name, there is no point giving a pet a name that you do not like. If you are unsure about a name, try one or two over a couple of days. As with naming a child, try asking opinions of friends and family about your chosen pet name – it’s possible they may come up with a name that you will like.

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