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Stop Dog From Jumping On People


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What is the first thing your dog does when you arrive home from work? He jumps on you; excited at your arrival. While this warm greeting is needed at the end of a long day at the office, it can become a problem especially if you own a large dog. When friends come to your home, it can be awkward having your dog greet them in the same manner. Here are some tips on how to stop dog from jumping on people.

Depending upon the size of the dog, you can stop dog from jumping on people by simply take his two front paws and setting them down. In a firm and commanding voice, just say “no” and turn away. Your dog may still vie for your attention by jumping on your back legs. Repeat this same method. Keep repeating this training until your dog understands this behavior is unacceptable. Once he does, ensure to pet him – but not over enthusiastically; he may then begin jumping up again.

The problem with dogs and behavior is that they want to be in control. They crave attention, and sometimes it can become a problem. If trained early, you can stop dog from jumping on people before the situation gets out of hand. You must show the dog you are the dominant head of the household. Subsequently, the dog will then become submissive. Once this is established, you can virtually train your dog to behave appropriately in any given situation.

We love our pets and their unconditional love for us cannot be overstated. As a dog owner, you certainly want the very best for your pet and accordingly, training to stop dog from jumping on people is just one way to ensure their behavior does not dissuade your ability to return his love and affection as well.

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How to Teach Your Puppy to Stop Jumping
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