Bathroom Renovation: Tips for Custom Bathroom Vanities


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Custom bathroom vanities are a great way to make a personal statement in your bathroom. These are not vanities that you will find in your neighbors homes nor will you find them at your local home improvement superstore. These vanities are custom made per your directions and instructions. They will be designed specifically for you and according to the requirements you set forth. As such, it is very unlikely that you will find a vanity exactly like yours anywhere (though not impossible).

Why Consider Custom Bathroom Vanities?

There are many reasons you may wish to consider custom bathroom vanities in your home bathroom not the first of which is the fact that it will make an excellent selling point when the time comes. Buyers like the idea of getting a great bargain for their money and are often eager to buy a home for custom cabinetry in kitchens and baths. For this reason alone you will often recover a good portion of that investment in the selling price of your home.

There are many things that make custom cabinetry and vanities appealing to many different people but one of the most easy to identify is the quality of not only the workmanship involved but also the craftsmanship. It shows when you have custom cabinets and buyers will recognize that ‘pride of ownership’ and experience less apprehension when buying from you, particularly if you’ve taken great care of your woodwork.

The best reason for making the investment in custom bathroom vanities is for your personal enjoyment. Our bathrooms are rooms where we often spend a great deal of time preparing for our day. It only makes sense to surround ourselves with great and beautiful things while preparing to go out into a world that is often not as pleasant as our bathrooms.

A custom made vanity is not only about appearance but should also meet your requirements for functionality. Everything seems to work better when it has its own place and is put back into that place. A good custom vanity will have a spot for all your morning bathroom routine needs.

Where to find Custom Bathroom Vanities

The problem most people come up against when going to buy custom bathroom vanities is a lack of knowledge about where to purchase them. Obviously you won’t find custom vanities gracing the aisles of your local home improvement stores but where do you go to find these wonderful pieces of carpentry? A carpenter is actually a good start though I would seriously recommend that you find someone that deals specifically with custom cabinetry. You will pay more for the expertise but they will have specialized knowledge that can help you make informed and practical decisions about your vanity.

Most of us have a good idea of what we like when it comes to design features and looks but have very little knowledge of the actual physics involved in getting the look and functionality we desire. Any professional custom cabinet maker worth his salt will tell you the good news and the bad news about what you want up front as well as give you a pretty solid estimate for the cost. You should also ask for photographs of work and references from satisfied customers.

Most custom cabinet makes are very proud of their work and keep an extensive portfolio. They also tend to maintain good relationships with their clients in hopes of future work so good references should be no problem either. If he or she has issues with one or another, I would recommend passing in favor of a cabinet maker that could provide them, this is after all your bathroom in your home and you do not want to pay your money for custom bathroom vanities that may not live up to the quality you expect.

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Cheap Bathroom Vanities - 3 Tips On Getting The Best Deals
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