Understanding Cat Diarrhea - How To Take Good Care Of A Cat With Diarrhea


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It is rare to see cats having diarrhea unless they are suffering from any internal digestive problem. A short episode of diarrhea is relatively harmless, it might be because he has put something in his stomach that he should not and has given him the run. Once your cat clear the unwanted food in his stomach, he should be fine.

The main reason for diarrhea happening in domestic cats is the feeding of milk by cat owners. It is not beneficial to feed your cat milk and water is in fact better for your cat’s health. If you love milk so much and have to feed your cat milk no matter what, you should “cat milk’ instead of the usual milk that human consume. This formula will not give him the run but is extra cost on your part.

If your cat suffers from a persistent diarrhea for a long period of time, he will be losing fluid fast and will lead to a huge loss in vital salts and minerals that will worsen your cat’s health. This would be a serious case and would need immediate veterinary attention.

There are many possible reasons for cat to suffer from a bad diarrhea, and it’s very important to have its cause diagnosed and treated as fast as possible. Whenever possible, you should take a sample of the diarrhea to your veterinary as it would aid him in identifying the causes and diagnosis. You must also take note of your cat diarrhea details – like the frequently and duration of diarrhea happening.

There are many reasons for diarrhea in cats and it's important to have its cause diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If you can, take a sample of the diarrhea with you to the veterinary surgery. This is extremely helpful in aiding diagnosis and will speed up the process so that treatment can start. You should also take details of how often your cat has diarrhea and how long he has had it.

To take proper care of a cat with diarrhea condition, you must maintain a good hygiene level and wash your hands after handling him. If the causes of diarrhea is infection, your cat should be care for in isolation and all his food, utensils and belongings including bedding, litter box and toys should be wash and disinfected thoroughly. It is also advisable to wear gloves when you handle his stool. To prevent your cat from spreading his infection, it is advisable to keep him indoor for a few days until his symptoms go away.

Cat diarrhea is not the biggest cat diseases and a correct treatment advice by your veterinary should enable you to cure your cat easily.

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