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Feng Shui Tips For Home

Rajiv Sahadevan

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Feng shui for clean homes In kitchen you need to separate elements of fire and water. If your gas stove is situated too close to a sink, separate these zones with something made of wood, for example with a cutting board.

You should not put a bed near window or home plants (they take energy away), and also near ‘achievements of progress’ (computer, TV set, CD-recorder), which evolve bad energy.

Do not also hang any shelves above your bed. Apart from the fact that conglomerations above a bed prevent energy from circulating, they are also rather dangerous.

You should clear balcony off various rags, bottles and broken skis.

In small apartments the bed plays the role of a sofa too. A screen will help you to correct this situation. In the night, it will enclose your bunk, in the afternoon, writing table.

The simplest way to stir up the centre point of the apartment is to put a rug or crystal bright chandelier in it.

As for pantries, you should not create a storehouse for unnecessary things of it. Some things, necessary in your everyday life should be kept there: vacuum cleaner, fan, and ironing-board.

In combined lavatories you should separate main parts (bath –lavatory pan) with a screen from each other. If sanitary arrangements turned out to be in a health or wealth zone, due to an unhappy planning, try to bring a negative effect of this situation to minimum.

Feng shui for Location of Kitchen

South-East kitchen is the best direction for a kitchen and while North-West is the second best direction. Generally the cooking platform should be made towards the eastern wall of the kitchen. Cook should face East while cooking, it will help him/her to cook tasty food. Cooking platform should never touch the North wall of the kitchen. It should be avoided. However the platform can be extended to the southern part of the kitchen. If the house is facing south-east, kitchen can be located in the north-west corner but in this case also the platform should not touch the north wall and cooking should be done facing east in the south-east corner of the kitchen. Lofts should always be made in the west or southern walls of kitchen. Never have lofts in the northern and eastern walls. But if its necessary have lofts on all sides of the walls.

Sink or basin for cleaning utensils in the kitchen should not be in the north-east but can be made in the north-west with the flow of water in the north-east.

Drinking water should be kept in the north or north-east direction for good health.

Flow of drainage water to the north or east is good and it gives good health to the inmates of the house.

If the entrance of the house is from north or west, then kitchen can be constructed on the south-east corner of the house or the building.

If the entrance of the house is from the north-east side then the kitchen should always be in the south-east direction.

If your kitchen is in the wrong direction and Chi flow in the kitchen is very fast or stagnant, you can reorient your kitchen as per Feng Shui rules to making it auspicious tips and bring happiness and health in your home as well as in your family.

Rajiv Sahadevan is a web designer, Online Real estate agent and a successful internet marketer with 10 years of experience in the industry. See more on the author and his websites - Property In India , Real estate India . This article is a complete work of TOI Real Estate Section, Sunday Edition.

feng shui for clean homes and kitchens

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