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Add a little fun to your pregnancy with a pregnancy calculator. As wonderful as finding out you are pregnant can be, pregnancy is not an easy phase to go through. In addition to the major changes that a pregnant woman has to go through, such as physical, mental, and emotional changes, there is also the constant concern over the health of her baby.

With the potential difficulties regarding pregnancy being common knowledge, there exists a continually growing list of published books, and articles that provide reference material for would-be mothers. An expectant mother can use this reference material as a helpful aid in guiding her to achieve a healthy pregnancy.


In addition to all the medical, and scientifically based information available in most pregnancy books, and magazines out there, there are also programs, tools, and devices that have been created to add a little more excitement, and fun to being pregnant. The Pregnancy Calculator, is one such tool, and can be found online, or in print. The Pregnancy Calculator primarily aims to help the expectant mother compute the average length of her pregnancy cycles.

By starting with the first day of her LMP (last menstrual period) or cycle, an expectant mother can now figure the most likely date of conception, the current age of her fetus, and the expected delivery date of her baby. Should the mother be unable to remember the length of her cycle, the Pregnancy Calculator can still provide her with the most likely delivery date possibilities. Pregnancy Calculators disregard information such as age, nationality, marital status, race, or even religion.


The Pregnancy Calculator involves the utilization of the expectant mothers natural menstrual cycle, and the date of recent *** intercourse. By using a computation that includes these dates, the Pregnancy Calculator plots a mathematical calculation that indicates the probabilities of the pregnancy.

Using this calculator is as simple as entering the two dates, and submitting the information for a quick calculation of the pregnancy possibilities.

Would you like to try it for yourself? Here’s how you can:

1. Search for an online site that features pregnancy calculators. With most sties offering free trials of the Pregnancy Calculator, you should not have to worry about spending a dime.

2. After finding an online site, fill out the required information in the forms provided. Here is an idea of what you will be asked:

* The first day of your LMD (last menstrual period), or the first day of bleeding. Try to indicate the exact month, date, and year.

* The average length of your cycle, from the first day of your period, to the first day of your next period.

3. Using this information, the Pregnancy Calculator will begin calculating your pregnancy possibilities. Depending on which website you have visited, this computation should take less than a minute.

4. After this calculation, an Output Data Estimated Fertility Window will appear. This window will contain the following information:

* the estimated date of conception

* estimated gestational age, or how far along the pregnancy is

* the estimated due date.

How accurate is this calculation? The fact is that only five percent of the babies all over the world are born on their expected due dates.

Remember, these tools are to add a little fun to your pregnancy, and although an online Pregnancy Calculator will present a mathematical computation of a woman’s pregnancy possibilities, bear in mind that these results should never be used to replace a doctor visit that includes a urine, or blood test. As much fun as a pregnancy calculator can be, the results of a doctors testing will always be the best way to obtain credible medical advice during your pregnancy.

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