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Counter Surveillance, also called anti-surveillance, anti spyware or anti spy activity, is any form of technological measures that can be taken by interested malicious people to block surveillance cameras to their advantage and to void the purpose itself of home surveillance.

As such, Counter Surveillance actions need to be addressed explicitly, and whoever plans to implement a home surveillance system should be advised on its limits of effectiveness. Surveillance cameras need be protected from assault in order to safeguard investment and home.

It would be a pity to spend considerable time and money for building a well conceived home surveillance system. . . and have it turned useless by some easily implemented means.

The mere possibility of tricks being played against your system requires foreseeing the risks and acknowledging the weak points of unprotected surveillance cameras in order to take at least the most obvious provisions to assure meaningful and continued surveillance operation.

Users should be warned that surveillance systems may be the object of determined Counter Surveillance efforts to sabotage, spoil, shut off, ruin, break and destroy them, from the part of hostile people wishing to avoid the proofs of their malicious acts and their own identification.

If you plan your own home surveillance, you must know how fragile it may be, if not protected effectively against Counter Surveillance. You should make some efforts to explore the risks that your system may be subject to.

When you plan to install your home surveillance system, you should be concerned by possible vandal actions, in order to take proper precautions. Indeed whoever does not want to be observed and on record might be tempted to disable the system, if easily accessible. Therefore you should better make it inaccessible.

One should dedicate thought and ingenuity to pile up hindrances and obstacles, to make the task of Counter Surveillance difficult or impossible to achieve in a short time, to convince would be offenders to give-up any vicious attack without trying.

You should be informed on how you can disclose hidden cameras if you suspect that they may be operated against you without your knowledge. And you should also know that those observed by your surveillance with your hidden camera, may discover your plot if they want to.

In this page we alert our readers to look into the simple precautions that should be taken in any case to protect your home surveillance system. It is like making sure that your entrance door has a good lock and that you shut it when you go out.

You can confidently implement your home security plan if you do not neglect the important points relative to how accessible and defended is your hardware, to discourage any Counter Surveillance attack.

Elia Levi is a retired engineer. He built a website to assist with a step-by-step Guide to understand, design, select and set up, all by yourself the best and least expensive Surveillance System for your Home Security. Read more on the subject of this article at


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