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Make Valentines Day Extra Special This Year


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Romance is the one language that the heart knows and understands best. That is why we even have a special day to celebrate it every year! All relationships require at least some effort to keep the flames of passion burning high.

Romance is sexy and powerful and for most of us, very necessary to our lives. When we show the special person in our lives that they are special to us, it is called romance.

Even though men and women come from different ‘planets’ and they have their own ideas about what romance is, no matter what planet you are from, it just feels so good when someone you love go out of their way to spoil you.

Whichever way you choose to go about romancing your loved one, Valentines Day should not center around the giving of expensive gifts. This year, to make your Valentines Day extra special, why not do things a little different to the way you would normally do? Give the special gift of time and togetherness and special care instead of expensive presents.

In 5 years time, what do you think your partner will have the fondest memories of? The gold jewelry you bought them or the special way you made them feel?

Valentines Day Activities

Plan to spend a relaxing time at home instead of having to rush to and from places! Instead of going out to a restaurant or a movie theater, why not bring Valentines Day to your own home?

Love Notes

The night before Valentines Day, hide little love notes and little chocolates or candy in your loved ones car or briefcase so that they will find it on their way to work or while at work.

Watch a Valentines Day Sunrise!

Start your Valentines Day activities off by watching the beautiful miracle of a sunrise! How much more romantic can the start to your Valentines day be if you find a quiet place to sit and just be together, while sipping a cup of hot coffee from a thermos!

Bubble it up!

If you get up to watch the sunrise, you will probably have a bit of time available before either one of you have to rush off to work.

Spend a bit of time and enjoy a nice hot shower or a fragrant bubble bath together.

Have a good breakfast together if time permits.

Order in!

Instead of spending your time cooking, order in! Place an order for the food that your partner enjoys and have it delivered at a specific time. That way, you get to relax too! While you wait for your food order to be delivered, put on some romantic music to listen to in the background. Light some candles to set a romantic mood.

Pour some wine or champagne, and cuddle on the sofa or lay out a soft and cozy blanket in front of a roaring fire. Sneak little kisses in between sips of wine or champagne.


Enjoy a slow dance together. Slow dancing is a great way to spend quality time together without having to say a word. Listen to the music and just open yourself up to the magic of being together.

Have a movie marathon on a big screen!

Have a movie marathon watching the movies that your loved one will enjoy, all in the comfort of your own home. Rent a big screen TV for the day and turn it into your own home theatre! Cuddle together on a big sofa, holding hands and sharing some laughs or tears watching a variety of movies.

Laugh it up!

a) If your partner is not the movie watching kind, rent some funny TV games, pull out the Play Station. Play against one another and be a kid again! You will probably find that it is the best fun you have had in a while!

b) Get some Red and White blackboard chalk and write love messages to each other on a wall in your apartment. Draw big hearts with arrows through it. Build your own Love Grafitti Wall! (The wall will clean up easy enough when you need it to - just wipe with a damp cloth).

Remember the saying: It's not that you don't play because you're too old, you get old because you don't play!

Above all, make sure that you cuddle and hug and laugh for the day.

Do not bring up old gripes or insecurities, there are 364 other days of the year for that!

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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