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Every restaurant needs a color scheme. Colors must be chosen for your walls, decor, tables, linens, the exterior, signage, logo, basically everything, but what colors are best? How do you choose? Let's take a look at some choices:

Red - Red is a color that is bold, noticeable and gives a sense of urgency. However, it can also be a color that symbolizes anger but also love. Red is a good color for many ethnic restaurants, since red is a dominant color in so many country's flags.

Green - Green is a color that may signify good luck, nature and money. Green can also symbolize jealousy. Green is usually a good choice for an accent color.

Blue - Blue symbolizes peace, calm and serenity. Blue can also make a person feel cool, cold or disconnected. Blue is a nice color for a restaurant that is laid back.

Yellow - Yellow is a color that can signify happiness, joy and summer. Yellow can also symbolize cheapness or stinginess. Yellow is usually good as an accent color or as a background color.

Orange - Orange can mean excitement and enthusiasm. Like yellow, orange is usually a good accent color.

Purple - Purple symbolizes passion and creativity. However, purple also means death in some countries and in some religions. Purple is usually used as an accent color.

White - White symbolizes cleanliness, clarity and purity. White is always a good choice for table linens and textiles. White is also a great color to make your guests feel like there is more space in your restaurant.

Black - Black can signify excitement, class, boldness and be futuristic. Black can also signify sadness, evil and anger. Black is perfect for an accent color or as a compliment to a lighter color.

These are the basic colors that you will work from to create different shades and mixtures of colors for your restaurant. Pastels and lighter and darker versions of these colors will allow you to put together the perfect color scheme for your particular restaurant and allow you to attract more customers. If you notice the colors of many fast food restaurants, including McDonald's and Burger King, you'll see they all choose from the same color scheme, which consists of browns, reds, oranges and blacks. These companies have poured money into researching the effects of color on diners, and have found these colors to be the most conducive to buying and eating food. A higher class restaurant may want to take this into consideration and use these colors as accents to your chosen color scheme.

Whatever colors you choose, they should compliment your setting, theme and most of all, your menu and food.

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