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Knowing When to Move


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How can you know when the best time of year, or season, or set of circumstances are best to plan and execute a move? People have been pondering that question for many years with out any concrete evidence to support one theory over another.

So is there any clear cut answer to the question "when is it best to move?" Probably not. But they may be some guidelines to consider when moving that may fit your situation and help you to make the best decisions when it comes to packing up and relocating.

Statistics show that the busiest time of year in the residential real estate business is March through May or sometimes June. Don't be mistaken, homes get sold all year long, but this statistic would indicate that people when given a choice would purchase a home and relocate during these months. Does this mean that these peak months would be a good time for you to relocate as well? Not necessarily, in fact depending on your type of personal needs, it may be a relocation period to avoid completely.

Volume of activity in the real estate market to a great degree dictates many factors that directly effect the over all relocation process. Because of the sheer volume of people who are relocating during the peak real estate season, the availability of moving resources are more in demand, making them harder to find and more expensive when they are available. Such things as hiring a moving service or renting a DYI moving van or truck will be more expensive during peak season.

Several factors my influence a decision to move. Families with children in school most often opt to move during the summer months if possible which co insides with the peak real estate market period. A job may require you to move during a specific period, leaving you little or no choice as to the season or period in which you move.

Deciding when to move can have a dramatic effect on your real estate buying decisions as well. The need or the decision to move during peak months can cost you considerably more money. If you are buying real estate in a competitive market, buying in peak months may increase the price you will pay for a given property, because of competing bids. And as stated, moving during those busy months will almost insure a higher cost paid for relocation services regardless whether you hire it done, or move yourself.

  • Understand your needs when it comes to moving.
  • If at all possible, plan on making a move before it becomes absolutely necessary. Moving under pressure may result in less than an optimal decision making processes
  • Be well apprised of your current financial situation, so that you are able to know and take advantage of the best situations in buying a new or selling your existing home, thus being able to coordinate your relocation to a time or season that best suites your wants and or needs. (Knowing your current financial status will help you determine if it is best to buy then sell, or sell then buy your new home. This may well be the corner stone for many when it comes to making the best relocation decisions)
  • If possible choose to relocate in none peak seasons, to better the possibility of purchasing real estate and relocation resources at reduced or lowered seasonal rates.
  • Understand that moving (if you have children especially) is a family affair. Give kids a say as well. At the very least, involve them in the moving process, they may need to tie up loose ends just as the grown ups do. Give them as much time as possible to prepare for a move. It's the right thing to do.
In closing, what is the best time to make a move? I truly feel that there is no particular time that is better then another because every circumstance for moving or relocating is different. I do feel however, that having the proper knowledge can help each individual make well informed decisions on when the best time or season to relocate will be. Start planning as soon as possible, and don't rule out a time because of how you think someone else might feel about it before first asking. Not everyone may agree on a particular time and ultimately someone has to make the choice. But positive input should always be welcomed and considered earnestly.

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