3 Types of Metal Detecting to Get Involved In


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Metal detecting can be a lot of fun, a wonderful hobby, and can also be a way to make money if you know what to look for. They're a lot different types of metal detecting and a lot of different places you can go to metal detect. We will look at three different ways to metal detect water and beach detecting, gold prospecting, and treasure detecting.

1. Water and beach detecting

This is one of the fastest growing types of metal detecting as until recently metal detectors were not readily available for underwater detecting. Metal detectors can search at depths of up to 200 feet which is more than sufficient for your area river, lake, or pond.

If you happen to live near an ocean you are probably a big fan of both water and beach metal detecting. On the beach you have a vast area to search and the beach is very easy to dig through and locate your treasure.

2. Prospecting for gold

Individual who prospect for gold probably make of the biggest subsection of all the metal detectors. This group can be weekend warriors or people who actually make a living at metal detecting. There has been a lot of technology introduced that makes detecting at a deeper depth possible and recovery rates better.

Prospecting for gold can be a lucrative career or a good way to make some side money this is why people get involved to stay involved.

3. Treasure detecting

This is kind of metal detecting is the catch all section of metal detecting, more people are getting involved in looking for treasure, hidden relics, and old coins. This type of metal detecting can be planning a day trip or a weekend away just to look for treasure or can be just going in your backyard and metal detecting until your heart is content.

You can basically go anywhere and start metal detecting and find some type of treasure.

Where you metal detect and the places you go is completely up to you, but one thing is for certain there is a lot of treasure out there to be had if you're on the lookout you can snag it.

J C Christian is an avid follower of metal detectors and how they work. He runs an informational site that follows Garret Metal Detectors , Fisher Metal Detectors, Tesoro Metal Detectors, and Kellyco Metal Detectors just to name a few. Go to http://www.metal-detector-guides.com to find information to help with everything metal detecting.


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