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My husband and I purchased our first pet drinking fountain a number of years ago at a cat show, at a booth that had the latest in pet commodities. It was a little bit pricey, coming in at about fifty dollars at the time, but at after some deliberation, we decided it would be worth the cost. We had three cats, all of which loved to drink from the bathroom sink. So perhaps a fountain would give them that fresh, running water that they craved all day long.

What I particularly liked about the fountain was the notion that it would encourage our pets to drink more, which would assist in keeping them healthy and happy. I also liked the idea of the filtration system. Even water changed twice a day could potentially get pretty stagnant in between refills.

Setup was fairly easy, although the fountain we chose at the time, the Drinkwell Fresh Water Fountain, had a number of parts that needed to be cleaned and dried before use.

Our cats did indeed love their fountain, although I kept their regular water bowl filled in case they exhibited any reticence. The Drinkwell actually has a stream that drops down freely, just like a faucet, and my cats showed no hesitation to drink directly from the steam.

We've tried several pet drinking fountains over the years, as there are a number of different styles and designs. There's also a nice one from Petmate, although our cats didn't take to it as well, considering the water flows down a sloped piece of plastic rather than flowing freely. There are also several newer models that I haven't had the opportunity to try out.

The filtration system in most of these fountains is a simple charcoal filtering system. It isn't perfect. If you have cats - like mine - that have a tendency to drop nuggets of food into their water dish, the filtration system won't take care of the debris left behind, even when it breaks down.

Cleaning, although not difficult, is time-consuming, one drawback to most of these fountains. A basic rinse-out isn't a big deal, but to take it apart and clean it thoroughly, which is essential to keeping the fountain functioning properly, you'll need to take the proper time.

A nice feature for many of these fountains is the option to purchase a reservoir that will hold additional water. This is especially helpful for multi-pet households as the water in the fountain must be kept at a certain level in order to keep it running, and several pets can go through water at a pretty rapid pace.

Pet drinking fountains are one of the best new inventions to hit the pet scene over the last few years. My fountain did indeed get my pets drinking more often, and though maintenance of the fountain is often an inconvenience, it's been wealth worth it. I look at the fountain less as a commodity and more as an essential to good pet health. Your pets are worth it.

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