The Basics of Four Seasons Sunrooms


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Four seasons sunrooms are beautiful structures built into the side of your home. It allows you to enjoy an outdoor environment with all the indoor comforts. Wind, rain and the unwanted invasions of the insect world can be kept at bay as you comfortably enjoy your outdoor experience. Four seasons sunrooms require less effort and time to build than the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ add-on and can add to the resale value of a home. As a living space, it can be used in any manner you desire and furnished to your taste. These mostly glass structures will fill the room with a great deal of natural light, giving your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D while the energy efficient windows block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

What Is a Four Seasons Sunroom?

Four seasons sunrooms are referred to as such because they can be enjoyed year round. The reason that they can do this is because, unlike ‘three season sunrooms', the ductwork from your home will be incorporated into your four season sunroom. This means a professional contractor adept in local building codes will be needed as installing the ductwork will change the line of your home. However, a properly installed sunroom will look like a natural extension of your home in the end. You will be relaxing with a full view of nature within a matter of weeks, lending an elegant touch to your lifestyle and your home.

The Uses of a Four Seasons Sunroom

Since a four seasons sunroom can be used year round, its purpose can only be limited by the confines of your own imagination. There was a time when a sunroom was used as a place to relax and ‘get away from it all’. Now more than ever the purpose of a sunroom is being redefined in the most creative of ways. The light and airy ambience of a sunroom makes it perfect for gatherings, whether it’s morning coffee with friends or evening soirées. They are also being used as kitchens, bedrooms and studies. With sunrooms having so much of the element of light, it is only fitting that they be balanced out with the element of water and it therefore makes a perfect venue for hot tubs and whirlpool baths. The enclosed environment means you can make use of your hot tub even in the coldest of winter weather and never feel a chill!

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Sunrooms: Enjoy The Outdoors Indoors
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