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About The Fiberglass Septic Tank


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To partially clarify and treat wastewater, a septic tank is used. It is a watertight container that is buried and used to be for separating grit and scum from the liquid.

Usually, a septic tank is made of fiberglass, polyethylene and concrete. Back then, redwood and steel were also used as material for septic tanks. But regulatory groups started to go against the use of steel and redwood so they now are not that the most widely used material for septic tanks.

For places that are can not be easily accessed by delivery trucks of concrete tanks, fiberglass septic tanks, which are lighter are more often used. Also, if a fiberglass septic tank has a good thick coating of resin, it will be more durable compared to concrete. This is because that thick resin can’t be easily degraded by the gases that the waste will produce.

So if your area can’t be accessed by delivery trucks, how do you look for the best fiberglass septic tank?

Considering the Size

To come up with an informed decision on what size of fiberglass septic tank will suit your needs, check the local regulations first regarding this matter. Then, consider the number of bathrooms in your house. Normally, a 1000-gallon septic tank will do well for a house with two bedrooms. For houses with three or four bedrooms, a 1,500-gallon septic tank will do.

One or Two Compartments?

There are two kinds of septic tanks depending on number of compartments – one-compartment and two-compartment. Two-compartment septic tanks are more advised since they make it a lot easier to make solids settle.

Buying a House with a Septic Tank?

Getting a professional septic tank inspector will help you best in knowing whether the home you are about to acquire has a septic system that will be able to handle what you need it to handle.

Durability Check

One great way to see if the manufacturer swears true that the fiberglass septic tank he is selling is of great structural strength, check its warranty offer. Now if it is offering a 50-year warranty, Bingo! Also, look for additional materials that improve the durability of a fiberglass septic tank. FRP or fiberglass-reinforced polyester is one sample of these additives.

Septic tanks and Septic systems are used in places that don’t have a direct access to the sewer system, there are new and very advanced models of septic systems for the home, learn more about Septic Tanks at


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Septic Tank Pumping Plays a Vital Role
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