Why The Quality Of Bedding Can Affect The Quality Of Our Sleep


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Did you know that we spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping. With that in mind, no matter what you do with your bedroom, try to make it as comfortable as possible by buying the nicest bedding you can afford. After all, most of us spend as much time in the land of nod as we do the workplace.

When a new baby is on its way, the first thing any new parents think about is how to make the baby as comfortable as possible when it arrives into the world. This is not something we should stop doing as we get older. You are much more likely to experience better sleep, and better dreams with quality bedding and an uncluttered bedroom.

When I talk about quality bedding I'm referring to having a comfortable mattress, comfortable sheets, decent blankets, and carefully chosen pillows, as it's pillows in particular that can determine the quality of your sleep.

But bedding aside, you also need to make the bedroom a cozy, comfortable place. A room that feels relaxing to you is very important if you want to wake up refreshed and revitalized the following morning. It's a fact that folks who sleep in bedrooms that have clothes strewn all over the place, washing baskets overflowing with dirty linen, ironing boards that are always up, and books and magazines laying around the place, do NOT sleep as well as those that tuck up at night in a clean, tidy, orderly bedroom.

If you're one of thousands that are not sleeping too well at nights, you should ask yourself how comfortable you are with your bedding. I mean, does your bedding help you to feel relaxed and comfortable or is it getting old and needs replacing? If it's time for a change you might want to consider the following:

If you use blankets on your bed, then wool blankets are by far the softest and most comfortable you will find. Silks and satins should be avoided. Yes, they look fancy, but they do not feel as comfortable as cotton and flannel, and after all we're writing about comfort here. When it comes to sheets, a thread count above 250 generally means a more soft and comfortable texture, plus the fabric will also last quite a bit longer, so it's a wise investment too.

The bedroom is probably the room we spend most of our lives in, but as we're sleeping for the best part, it's also a room that we see the least of. Perhaps this is why so many folks skimp on bedroom bedding, design, and furniture!

But believe me, if you can take care of your bedroom then you bedroom will take care of you by rewarding you with blissful uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep is so important. It recharges our batteries, clears the mind, and rinses the stresses of the day out of our system. Our quality of sleep really can be determined by the quality of our bedding and bedrooms.

Read more on the relationship between our bedding and sleep including articles on using a feather pillow , plus a piece on the importance of the bed pillow , and look at modern down comforters . All this and more at Bed Bedding dot com


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Steps That You Can Take to Improve Your Quality of Sleep
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