Hey Everyone, Look! Stay At Home Moms AND Working!

Kevin D Browne

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Stay at home moms and working. Now that's music to a lot of ears.


Because that a lot more mothers are finding better and better ways to find work from home AND raise their children at the same time. (How's that for a full day?)

For the newer moms, staying home and working is very rough. She may find herself nursing while sweeping the kitchen and remaining on hold for a conference call all in the exact same moment.

With the average household income in the United States staying relatively flat at about $43K, the price of milk and oil and dry cleaning and especially college roars ahead with reckless abandon. That's forcing the need for more stay at home moms who work. For many families it's just what HAS to happen in order to make it from the first to the thirtieth every month. . . and save a bit for the kiddies to go to a good college.

For those women who proudly exclaim that they are ‘stay at home moms and working' (like my wife) every day is jam packed with TOO MUCH work. Sorry, I had to say it. Their to do lists have to do lists. It's literally frightening how much HAS to be done Sunday through Sunday.

And even as affordable as home child care is, it's a blessing for moms to stay at home and raise their children for myriad reasons not the least of which is the fact that NO ONE could ever raise a child better than their mother and father.

So, for all those who cheer that they are stay at home moms and working, I cheer for you also.

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Happy New Year, moms.

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