Growing An Indoor Bonsai


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Indoor bonsai has been described in different ways. Some describe indoor bonsai as a plant grown inside the house, a plant grown in a greenhouse, or a plant grown outdoors but brought indoor during winter. Some experts on the subject even denies the existence of true indoor bonsai as they reason that bonsais, whether grown outdoor or indoor will always follow its genetic composition - that is to have enough source of light in order to survive. Whatever the description is, growing bonsai indoor needs special skills and knowledge.

When growing bonsai indoors, the problem most growers encountered is the provision of adequate amount of light. Indoor bonsai plants must be placed in a well-lighted location like the windows. The nearer the indoor bonsai is from the window, the better is the growth of the plant. When a bonsai is placed at the window, rotating the bonsai is a must. As the bonsai ages, its branches and leaves tend to tilt towards the sunlight. Rotating the pot will enable all the parts of the bonsai to receive the amount of light needed.

In the absence of the natural light, artificial lighting can be employed provided the correct lamp or bulb is used. The common household lamps or bulbs do not emit the right amount of energy in order for the plant to undergo the process of photosynthesis. Without proper lighting, the bonsai plant becomes pale, long and limp. An expert advice on the appropriate lamp to use is needed when planning to employ the artificial lighting method.

Plants from the tropical regions thrive well as indoor bonsais. Some of them are conifers, flower-bearing, fruit-bearing and/or leaved plants from the tropical or subtropical regions. The following are some of the plants that can be grown indoors.

  • 1. Atlas Cedar
  • 2. Australian Brush Cherry
  • 3. Bougainvillea
  • 4. Boxwood
  • 5. Buddhist Pine
  • 6. Bunya-bunya
  • 7. Calamondin Orange
  • 8. Camellia
  • 9. Cedar of Lebanon
  • 10. Chinese Bird Plum
  • 11. Chinese Elm
  • 12. Chinese Hibiscus
  • 13. Chinese Pepper Tree
  • 14. Common Olive
  • 15. Dwarf Myrtle
  • 16. Dwarf pomegranate
  • 17. English/Common Ivy
  • 18. Firethorn
  • 19. Fukien Tea
  • 20. Gardenia
  • 21. Heavenly/Sacred bamboo
  • 22. Hedge Sageretia
  • 23. Himalayan Cedar
  • 24. Indian Laurel
  • 25. Italian Cypress
  • 26. Japanese Cedar
  • 27. Japanese/Chinese Privet
  • 28. Lady's Eardrops
  • 29. Natal Plum
  • 30. Norfolk Island Pine
  • 31. Orange/Star Jasmine
  • 32. Redwood
  • 33. Rockspray Cotoneaster
  • 34. Rosemary
  • 35. Round Kumquat
  • 36. Satsuki Azalea
  • 37. Thorny Eleagnus
  • 38. Tree of a Thousand Stars
  • 39. Weeping Fig

Fruit-bearing plants developed as indoor bonsais bear fruit when given special care. Fig trees although can be grown as indoor bonsai need more sunlight than what is available indoors. Conifer trees are harder to manage than the other varities. When a grower plans to cultivate fruit-bearing bonsai, special care must be given so that the plant will bear flowers and fruits.

A common misconception about indoor bonsai is that it must be kept inside the house or under the shade starting from the early stage of cultivation until the bonsai reaches its potential growth. Another misconception is that bonsai grown indoors should not be subjected to direct sunlight. Only those who have taken extra effort to find out more about growing bonsai know that bonsai, whether indoor or outdoor must have an excellent source of sunlight, humidity, fertilizer and moisture content. Too much supply of anything can bring damage to the bonsai. So, anyone who plans to grown indoor bonsai must study the specific needs of that particular plant or tree.

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