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Kevin D Browne

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Working moms vs stay at home moms. In the old days, that was a raging debate BECAUSE in the old days, dad was bringing home enough bacon to fry up in that pan of theirs and mom stayed home to raise the kids.

That was this. . . this is now.

With the average household income hovering at about forty three thousand dollars, and the cost of living screaming ahead with reckless abandon, many, many thousands of moms in EVERY state have HAD to go back to work to support the family.

Even with affordable day care alternatives, moms still must pull out of the carport right along side dad and wave to the kids from the car as they pull away to earn money.

But a growing number of moms have very intelligently ben searching for and finding work at home opportunities. In fact, the internet is now getting more crowded with “Work At Home Moms" seeking their rightful place among the ones and zeros in cyberspace.

And many of THOSE moms are discovering what hundreds of thousands of others have already learned and that is that there is money to be made online.

What a wonderful possibility. . . bringing in income AND being home with the children to raise them.

As a father of four with a wife who works, I say FANTASTIC. I hope to see this trend grow by leaps and bounds. Children, in my opinion need to be as close to their parents as possible especially during the early years. (Again, that's an opinion. . . but it is shared by many. )

So having found my way to be able to quit my job and stay at home, I offer several programs that are working VERY WELL for me to those right now who are asking themselves the old ‘working moms vs stay at home mams’ question.

To help decide whether you want to be a working mom vs a stay at home moms through article marketing , visit Mr. Browne at his new site


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