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Sealy is the grand-old-daddy of mattresses. Very few other mattress manufacturers have been making mattresses as long as Sealy and few could match the quality and comfort of a Sealy mattress. But, with the introduction of new mattress types such as, air, latex and memory foam mattresses, does a Sealy mattress rate as highly as it used to?

For many years the Sealy mattress scored highly in consumer reviews and there is no denying the quality of a Sealy mattress. The materials used in a Sealy mattress have always been the best available. Combined with the innerspring system - heavy gauge that are heat tempered twice to help maintain their shape - a Sealy mattress was one of the most comfortable and reasonably priced quality mattresses you could buy. For consumers who appreciate a traditionally made mattress of the highest quality, the Sealy mattress has always been the mattress of choice.

But not everyone has been satisfied with the old-fashioned mattress. Many consumers with back problems have found the comfort and support of mattresses made from modern materials to be more beneficial. Companies like Tempur-Pedic have stormed onto the world stage of mattresses. The viscoelastic mattress has given many people the first good night's sleep they've known for many years. Although there is still a high demand for innerspring mattresses, there's no denying the rising popularity of memory foam mattresses. Does this mean that Sealy is no longer the best mattress you can buy?

The answer is that Sealy still makes some of the finest mattresses money can buy. The Sealy innerspring mattress is still one of the best and most top rated of mattresses. But Sealy haven't been slow to recognise the therapeutic benefits of memory foam mattresses and have begun manufacturing their own version. As you might expect, Sealy has put a lot of time, money and effort into the development of its own version of a memory foam mattress. The result has been the introduction of the Sealy PosturePedic TrueForm mattress. The Sealy TrueForm mattress responds to weight and body temperature to conform to the exact body shape of the sleeper thereby delivering orthopedically correct alignment of the neck and spine. The secret of this mattress is that Sealy have used a multi-layered foam core that provides a custom feel that is unique for every one who sleeps on it. The TrueForm mattress comes with FlameGuard to protect against fire and also comes with a mattress cover that zips right off for easy cleaning. Sealy are so confident that the consumer will find the TrueForm mattress the most comfortable mattress they've ever slept on that the mattress comes with a 20-year limited warrantee.

The Sealy memory foam mattress comes in three models; to suit all requirements and budgets. The 11-series comes with 1.5" layer of convoluted memory foam - for added comfort - on a 3.5" memory foam core. The base consists of a 6" high-density foam layer. The 9-series comes with a 3" memory foam core, again with a 6" high-density foam layer. The 8-series comes with a 3" memory foam core and 5" high-density foam layer. All models come with a washable, zip-off cover.

Sealy also makes a spring-free latex mattress - perfect for those who are especially allergic to any household allergens. The Sealy SpringFree latex mattress also comes with the Sealy rigid box spring to support the mattress for long-lasting performance.

So have Sealy caught up with new technological advances in mattress manufacture? It would seem so. However, Sealy memory foam mattresses haven't been on the market as long as Tempur-Pedic and it remains to be seen if their version rates as highly as Tempur-Predic.

Sealy have been the market leader in making high quality mattress for many years. The Sealy mattress rates highly in consumer reports and Sealy has millions of satisfied customers. If you prefer the more old-fashioned, inner spring system the a Sealy mattress represents good value for money for a high quality .

Robin O'Brien is founder of a website that provides mattress reviews to help consumers buy top rated memory foam mattresses from some of the world's most respected manufacturers. You can also get advice on buying a Serta, Simmons, Jamison or Sealy mattress amongst others.


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