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Spending yet another holiday alone? It can start getting pretty bleak looking and for some reason, New Years Eve can be a killer. I wonder how many of you have taken any Feng Shui steps to attract not only a person into your life, but finding the RIGHT person. Don’t give up, they may be just around the corner. And I have many clients who can attest to the powers of Feng Shui to find that special someone.

I think of Nancy, a recent client who called me to her home. Nancy wasn’t looking for just anyone who came along that was breathing, she wanted someone on the same wavelength who was going to enhance her life, not add on to the stress we all have.

Nancy is a particularly mindful person. She is very much in tune with Intention, The Laws of Attraction, and things that can’t be seen or heard, namely Energy Work. She was (despite all odds and going against the criticism and negativity she was encountering) looking to change careers as well; at the age of 42 she wanted to become an actress.

Among the many other things we discussed during the consultation, these were the things I focused on with her. I showed her career section which was her main entrance and explained that it was almost completely blocked by hedges that had gotten out of control. Since it is her main entrance to her home, it is also the Mouth of Chi and explained why we needed to address that. And I was able to give her some simple and easy methods to get her career moving inside her home as well.

She is my idea of a “perfect” client. She listens, she understands the reasons and carries out the changes with the best of Intentions which is the main component of Feng Shui. And changes will happen of which she is not doubtful.

We also looked at many areas of her home including her “romance” areas from an outdoor perspective and special emphasis on her bedroom. It seems that her outside Romance area was the corner of the house thought of as “The dumping ground. ” Meaning where old firewood was stored and things that weren’t used were put there “temporarily” until she could find a way to get rid of them. In this case, temporarily had become two years.

When I explained this was her romance area and it needed to be cleaned and activated, a light when off in her head. It was no wonder she hadn’t attracted anyone. She took immediate steps to get rid of all the junk that had accumulated and address the area for romance. Both outdoors and indoors we have special options we can use but major principles we always use are the color pink and to “think in twos. ” Outdoors this can be a statue of any two like objects enhanced or containing the color pink. Since the area was stagnant, we could also use a moving object there, our Intention being to move someone special right into our lives.

Remember when using anything moving, once we’ve gotten things moving in the area we have chosen, we want to move the moving object as we now want to stabilize the area and intentionally weigh it down. We don’t want this new, wonderful person moving right back out! Weighing it down can simply include a rock or paperweight with the Intention we now want to keep this area just as it is.

We also looked closely at her bedroom. It was unbalanced, contained pictures of others or herself, alone (a Feng Shui no-no) and I advised her how to balance the room simply and inexpensively (many clients are on a strict budget) and suggested one of my favorite things to attract the Right person. I suggest they use a heart shaped (pink if possible) picture frame with her on one side and a silhouette on the other. On the back of the silhouette I asked her to write down qualities she absolutely had to have in a partner. She understood the very act of taking the time to infuse this area with her Intentions would not just draw anyone into her life, but someone special.

Our consultation was during the summer, but she and I keep up; relationships I make with what were once clients become so much more, they oftentimes become true friends in every sense of the word. Her last email to me was SO positive. She had just gotten an acting job at a nearby playhouse and as I was reading, I was hoping someone had come to see the play and she’d end up on Broadway…. Not yet, but she did say the last day of the play a very nice single man that she had worked with came over to her with a Rose and invited her to dinner.

These are the kind of wonderful emails or calls I am fortunate enough to get more often then not! And that is the love of this work. For you singles out there who want a special person, not just a breathing one, follow the advice and simple steps and then step back while keeping a positive attitude. Nancy’s story is not the exception, it is the Rule of the Laws of Attraction and The Power of Intention and all the wonderful things Feng Shui can help you accomplish in your life.

Carole Provenzale
Feng Shui Long Island
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner since 1997

Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Founder of Feng Shui Long Island, Carole Provenzale provides personalized and affordable consultations on site for all of Long Island, Queens and New York City on online for those at a distance. Carole is a published author and keynote speaker and works often with Realtors for Home Staging with Feng Shui Principles. Please visit her website at or email her at


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