How to Choose the Right MP3 Headphones

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MP3 headphones are the device that brings music from any portable music device to the ears and are an integral part of the unit. Maxell, Sennheiser, Sony, Phillips, and RCA are some of the manufacturers who make mp3 headphones. All these mp3 headphones are invariably judged on these parameters:

  • Comfort Level,
  • Affordability,
  • Durability,
  • Ability to accurately transmit the sound.

    MP3 headphones are usually sold in the ear bud style. Most mp3 headphones are small, semi-circular speakers that fit right into the end of our ear canal and point the speaker into the ear canal. Mp3 headphones of this kind produce fairly good quality audio but in case the shape of ear of wearer is big, they are extremely uncomfortable to wear. The ear buds have to be of the right size for every wearer of mp3 headphones.

    Another kind of mp3 headphone is the supra aural ones. These are simply speakers surrounded by pads that just sit on our ears and are fixed with band that goes over the head.

    The other kind of mp3 headphones is the canal bud type in which the ear plug covers whole of ears instead of sitting on them. One can notice this type of headphones while observing the musicians while recording songs. Canalbud mp3 headphones are extremely comfortable as they come with soft housing instead of plastic housing.

    Supra-aural mp3 headphones are also extremely comfortable but at times they are not favoured as they mess up with hair styles of people. Circumaural headphones are excellent mp3 headphones for listening to audio but at times they are quite heavy which makes may cause headaches for the weaver. When one is going to buy the mp3 headphones, it’s extremely important that one buys the most comfortable headphones as most wearers will use the portable player for long periods of time and will be on move also. Of all the mp3 headphones only few are very lightweight thereby are easier to wear while travelling or walking etc.

    There are some experts who point out the potential harm, mp3 head phones may do to ears. Most people use mp3 headphones for long hours and even if they listen to audio at reasonable volume, it may cause damage. Some experts have found that using only noise cancelling technology would probably reduce that risk.

    Recently, it was reported in a reputed medical journal that around one out of every eight children in USA, already suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. U. S. Government's Occupational Safety & Health Administration guidelines also indicate that continuous listening to noise at a level of 80 decibels may cause damage to ears. This is roughly the same level of noise as generated in noisy restaurant. It is advised that all people who wish to use mp3 headphones for long time should use only noise cancelling headphones to help reduce the stress caused by persistent hearing. The various manufacturers of headphones have responded by adding more and more types of noise cancelling type headphones into the market.

    While purchasing an mp3 player it is best to try the headphones that come with it and see if they fit well and are comfortably light to wear. Most mp3 headphones today are designed after extensive research so buyers have many choices in the market. If you are worried parent, you can buy special kid mp3 headphones also so that they may not suffer from any hearing impairment. Try to limit listening to shorter periods of time as well.

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