How To Pick a Dog from the Shelter


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One of the saddest experiences for many dogs is becoming lost, separated or abandoned by their family. Often dogs become homeless when an owner has to move to a new town or city and is not able to take the dog with them. Many times when owners pass away the family doesn’t want to keep the dog and turns them over to a rescue.

There are many different breed rescues located all around the world. These organizations are usually staffed entirely by volunteers that rescue abandoned dogs and care for them while looking for suitable homes. Often the volunteers choose to provide homes for the dogs so they are not kept in kennels. This process also allows the volunteers to get to know the dogs and see how they interact with children and other pets within their household. Some of the “foster” homes also offer some basic training for the rescued dogs if they do not have a good understanding of the basic commands.

Dogs that are brought into the rescue with a known history are often easier to find homes for. Usually puppies are not brought to a rescue, but there are often a high number of senior dogs left at rescue shelters that are very hard to find homes for.

Benefits To Getting A Dog From A Shelter

For those families that would like to get a dog that already has basic training, is housebroken, and also is spayed or neutered a dog from a rescue is a perfect option. Often these dogs are very well trained and there is a good record of the interaction that they have with their foster families. These families work to socialize the dogs as well as find out if they are good with children, other dogs as well as pets. Volunteers that work in the shelters are very familiar with the breeds and their characteristics.

The dogs from shelters are always spayed or neutered. The cost to adopt a dog from a shelter is often less than most vets fees are for just the spay or neuter. All vaccinations are up to date and the dogs are usually treated for fleas, parasites and heartworms prior to adoption.

Dogs from a rescue are often very loving dogs that are eager to find a good home and a permanent place to live. Many people that have adopted a dog from a shelter report that the dogs are very affectionate and loyal, almost as if they realize that they have been specially chosen.

The cost to obtain a dog from a rescue shelter is usually between one and two hundred dollars. Often dogs that have required a lot of veterinarian services may require an additional amount of a donation to cover the added expenses. All the fees obtained from the adopted dogs are used to buy food, provide shelter and veterinarians services as well as advertise and find homes for other dogs in the shelter.

If you want to get a dog of a particular breed consider adopting one of the many dogs currently in a rescue shelter. If you have a shelter in your area you also may wish to volunteer to help dogs in the shelter or even become a foster family for dogs looking for permanent homes.

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