Selecting Appropriate Shutter Hinges


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It may come as a surprise when looking for shutter hinges that there are a huge variety of styles and functions available. After all, surely they are just a standard piece of ironmongery used to attach the shutter to the frame? The importance of choosing the right hinge should not be overlooked when adding shutters as part of your home improvement project.

Although, shutters are largely used to create a particular look in modern homes, they have played a much more functional role in homes of the past. They were necessary for keeping the house dry and safe during bad weather, and for protecting expensive glass from smashing in high winds. In some parts of the world, where strong storms and hurricanes are common, shutters still need to be strong enough to perform these functions. These shutters are closed from inside the house and are fastened with a strong latch.

Shutter hinges were traditionally made from cast iron, a very strong and durable material, able to sustain even the roughest storm. When trying to recreate authentic shutters, reproductions of these ostentatious cast iron hinges are available, usually in more modern metals.

There are number of traditional styles of hinge to choose from, most commonly the strap style and the mortise hinge. The strap incorporates a slim bar style bracket, wider at the base near the panel edge, and coming to a point towards the center of the shutter face. These hinges can include decorative touches such as a spade shaped end to add a touch of character to your design. The mortise hinge was also made from cast iron and resembled the letter N where it joined the panel to the wall.

These reproductions can add beautiful and authentic detail to your home decoration, but if you prefer to have your hinges hidden and solely functional, more subtle modern designs are available that will not detract from the design of your shutter panel. These sleeker designs are particularly suitable for modern minimalist homes.

To achieve a compromise, you may consider a nickel or brass hinge that does have decorative elements but is not as ornate as a cumbersome cast iron hinge. This can still give a modern effect whilst adding a little extra detail to your shutter face.

Modern shutters provide a stylish alternative to window blinds or curtains. The various materials available include wood, vinyl or metal, each with its own particular advantages and styles. All of these can be enhanced by ensuring you choose the appropriate hinge, in terms of size, material, level of detail and strength. Selecting the right hinge can be crucial to the overall effect of your shutters and this piece of window hardware should not be economized on.

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