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You basically own three types of items. Useful everyday items, storage items that you need, and storage items that you want. Useful possessions will naturally tend to end up wherever they are most convenient, and that is how it should be. Some examples are your lamp, remote control, and car keys. The only problem that may arise with these kinds of things is when too many of your possessions end up in this category, and your space becomes cluttered.

In an environment in which space is limited, it is the organization of the other two kinds of possessions that will be the greatest challenge. This is the bulk of what you own, and it needs to be stored in such a way that it is both convenient, and efficient.

Possessions you want.

These are your toys, your books, your magazines. They are things you find beautiful, things you collect, and things you enjoy.

One great way to store these items is to use them as a display in their own right. Prized collections should be shown off proudly, and decorating with the various affects of your favorite hobby, will go a long way to personalize your space. Books and magazines can be used as a kind of wall paper, giving a room a sense of sophistication that is generally reserved for a formal library. If you have to store these kinds of items away, try to organize them into containers based on how often they are used, and how often they are used together. Rarely used items can be tucked away far from sight, or even donated or sold on eBay. More common items can be placed somewhere accessible, such as in a closet or at the foot of the bed in a box.

Possessions you need.

Chances are if the only reason you are hanging onto something is because you need it, then you aren’t going to want to display it. This can include tax information, receipts, work, old records, or coin jars. Items such as these need to be stored out of sight, but in such away that they are easy to find, and get.

A filing system can be as elaborate as a free standing cabinet, or as simple as a box. It keeps papers or other items very organized, and you can choose to purchase them in whatever size fits your space.

You can also make many of the spaces features take on a second role. Chairs, tables, and some dressers all have extra space beneath them which can be used for storage. However, you should be careful not to make a space look cluttered using this technique. The use of attractive storage devices can offset this tendency somewhat. At the very least, the containers you use should match the rest of the room’s décor.

Another great storage area is beneath beds. The use of cinderblocks or bed elevators can increase this space even more. Depending on your beds arrangement, you may also have room at the head or foot of it to place a box or hamper Organizing your possessions in a tight space can be difficult. However if you are strategic and creative in your arrangements, you will find that you really can get everything to fit.

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small space decorating tips

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