The Truth About Water System Vacuum Cleaner Systems


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You have, of course, heard of HEPA filters. They are made to take certain sized particles from the air by your vacuum cleaner. What, though, about water system vacuum cleaners? If you have not heard of them, you owe it to yourself to at least understand what they are and what the advantages of them are. Here is some of the salient information about water system vacuums.

What Is Water System Filtering?

First of all, it is important to understand that a vacuum with water filtering is not the same as the machine that wash and or shampoo carpet. Instead, this is a vacuum that actually uses water as a filter. A HEPA filter will catch almost everything, so imagine what water does when used as a filter.

Effectiveness of Water Filtration

What happens with a water system vacuum cleaner is that you put water into the filter of tank of the machine. When air is sucked out of your carpet or surface, it is forced through the water before being sent back out. The water actually provides the vacuum with 100% filtering. Any and all particles are removed from the air before it is sent back out into your home.

Overkill or Not?

For many people, a water system vacuum cleaner is a little bit of overkill. However, if you have allergies, water filtration can be a huge relief. Most allergies are a result of the waste created by dust mites feeding on organic material in dust. The waste is too small for even some HEPA filters, but it will be removed by the water filter. This means relief for those with serious allergies and asthma. They are bit more expensive, but water filter equipped vacuums are worth it for those with severe asthma problems.

So you may not see water system vacuum cleaners every day, but you can see why it would be important to understand them. For those with sensitive allergies or bad asthma, they can be worth the investment. While HEPA filters can get a great deal of the particles out of the air, water filtration is the one way to get them all.

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