A Simple Gift to Expound Your Memory


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The Bitter Truth

Human memories downgrade as the period of time upgrades. It is a bitter truth that biological structures cannot sustain prolonged sharpness of memories although there are exceptional circumstances. The more people get older, the more they are prone to Alzheimer’s disease. Health threat leading to the acquisition of an illness is brought about by various elements like improper diet, more chemical intake, other illnesses incurred by the person, and old age.

Frailty of Mind

In as mush as people want to reminisce the past experiences, ordeals, and triumphs of their lives, they become inclined to preserving their memories, not on their mind, but on paper and other materials like videos, and tapes. Frailty mind might forget the precise moments of the past, but as persons keep the objects of their memories with them, they find it effortless to recount the instances when they once have enjoyed certain significant events in the past decades. It is imperative for men to reminisce as it gives them pleasure, sharing their accounts on their descendants, and telling their grandsons and grand daughters how they became heroes of their time, how they achieve success, how they graduated from college or how they make friends with people. Due to the inherent infirmities of memory, it is normal to stumble and miss things that the persons would almost want to recite from their mouths, while trying to spank a little their heads several times hoping that their brain could remember and send to their mouth the information they need to tell their progenies. Sometimes grandma and grandpa, despite effort exerted to recall some events, end up with nothing while lamenting that they missed the opportunity of journaling their important life events.

Make Some Extensions of Your Memoirs

Yes, videos, pictures, and personal journals would help. Younger generations who shall soon reach old age, could be safeguarded at keeping some personalized memoirs. Would it make sense making a personalized gift book for oneself, or maybe for another with whom you want to impart the importance of journal keeping? Valuing particular events of life suggests recording one’s memories by clipping, categorizing, and marking some especial occasions and highlighting them with pictures. You can purchase or give yourself a personalized gift book where you could properly place your pictures and identify them with your own word illustrations. You could enhance it with your own artistry and personal designs. If you do not feel like personalizing the gift book or album, you could let somebody do it.

The Rewarding Moment

It feels satiating to reminisce the old times glancing at those albums while sitting back and relaxing in a couch or at the porch facing the meadow. That is just one of the simple tokens that you and others would have overlooked or failed to consider. It is likewise an ordinary thing that could bring a rewarding moment to you when you most needed to look back. When you reach 50s or 60s and you were starting to go through the difficulty of recollecting circumstances of your past meaningful life, you have your tools with you. Just open your most treasured book and place yourself back in times you were in those memorable portraits.

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