How To Manage Labor Pains?

Lena Leino

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Having a baby is a joyful experience. Many of us mothers-to-be, however, are apprehensive of the delivery process.

Yes, there is some stress and pain involved in delivery.

Over the years medical science has come up with methods to reduce labor pain. Unfortunately the side effects of these methods can be unwelcome. Anesthetics used during labor leave your baby and you in a drugged state, during and after childbirth. An epidural anesthetic is known to increase the chances of having a Cesarean operation, or the need for the vacuum and forceps. Statistics show that half the deliveries with an epidural results in resorting to such medical interventions.

A Cesarean delivery is sometimes necessary in order to save the life of the baby or the mother. A Cesarean, however, is a major operation involving severe risks. These risks include higher maternal mortality rates compared with normal births, risks of blood clots and infections, not to speak of a longer recovery time. Additionally, if you deliver by Cesarean, you might find it difficult to breast-feed your baby. This could lead to less closer bonding between your tiny tot and you. It can also result in reduced immunity to illnesses for him or her.

You can avoid the need for an epidural and the risks connected with one, by using labor acupressure. Acupressure is a holistic method that targets the same acupoints used in acupuncture. The difference is that, in acupressure fingers are used to put pressure on the specific pressure points instead of piercing the skin with needles.

Acupressure is a completely safe method, without any side effects. It is impossible to over-stimulate the body while administering acupressure, because the body naturally regulates and accepts only the required stimulation. Labor acupressure is also a very simple, ‘thumbs-on’ method. It can be administered by anyone receiving basic instruction in its application. This means that you don’t need any great skill to administer acupressure. Because the method is so safe, and incredibly effective, even the World Health Organization recommends it for pain relief.

Giving birth to a baby is a unique and wonderful experience. With the help of acupressure, both you and your partner can actively participate in it… And you can soon have your baby with you, alert and not doped by unnecessary medication, ready to breastfeed and bond with you and the family. A wonderful memory for your later years!

Discover safe and effective labor acupressure techniques that help you to induce your labor naturally by encouraging your baby to descend, helping your cervix to dilate and stimulating your contractions. Labor acupressure also gives effective labor pain relief without the risk of slowing down your labor. Visit for more information.


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