Home Security-More Tips to Prevent Home Invasion

Jack Krohn

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In the article “Home Security-Tips to Prevent a Home Invasion" we talked about how to advertise to potential home invaders that your house is not a good target for them. We do this by making the house an “uninviting" target and by putting out the “UNWELCOME" mat. "MI CASA ES NON SU CASA".

If the home invader is not seeing or reading the signs you've put out for him and wants to make your house a target what can you do to stop him at the door? These common sense tips will prevent the home invader from getting in easily. Remember if it takes the burglar/home invader more than two minutes to get in he gets frustrated and move son to another target-exactly what you want.

It is just common sense that as more and more citizens move into the senior category that they will become the targets on a more frequent basis. So this information is especially useful for SENIORS.

Try these low cost and easy tips to fortify your house.

-FRONT DOOR-use deadbolts and if possible a steel door jam. Wooden jams are too easy to breach.

-CHAIN LATCHES. Don't bother. They are useless.

- GARAGE DOORS- Don't forget the garage doors. In my neighborhood almost everyone leaves their garage door open 2-3 feet in the summer to cool it off-just enough for someone to crawl under and get into the house.

-SLIDING GLASS DOORS. Usually the patio door-use a round pole that can be inserted in the bottom track to prevent opening.

-WINDOWS Windows (including glass doors) use audible alarms that are set off by opening or changes in pressure. They are inexpensive tools to fight off the bad guys.

- MOTION ACTIVATED LIGHTS. These are great. Yes they may be activated by a small skunk or two but they will also be activated by the big skunks- the kind you want to keep out of your house.

Other tips to prevent home invasion that are common sense to some and so obvious that some may overlook.

-Never leave a KEY under the mat or rock. This might have been a neat idea for the Cleavers back in the sixties but wait a minute…. . this just in……times have changed-now it is an invitation to trouble.

-PEEPHOLE. If you have one use it. If you don't have one get one.

-BARS ON WINDOWS/DOORS. To some this is excessive and maybe it depends on your neighborhood but it sends a message to the home invader that this is not an easy mark.

-NEVER open your DOOR to a stranger

And last but not least your home should have at least two maybe three locations where you keep non lethal self defense weapons such as pepper sprays, stun guns, or maybe even a Taser gun

Remember that the home intruder like the burglar has three big enemies light, sound, and time. The more obstacles you can put in his way the safer your home will be.

Chances are very good that you are reading this because in some way crime has touched your life or you want to be proactive and protect yourself, family, home, or business from the ravages of crime. That is the first step.

NOW the next step is for you to take action TODAY and purchase a stun gun or pepper spray. Look at our selection of self defense/ home security products at http://www.aaa-safetyfirst.com/peppergel.htm and http://www.aaa-safetyfirst.com/hotshotstungun.htm both of which provide real “Security Solutions". Check out our new website at http://www.h-o-m-e-s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y.com


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Home Security Tips - One Cheap Way to Avoid Home Burglary
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