Perimeter Control: What is That For?


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When and why should one consider exploring if perimeter control technology may add a useful dimension to one’s home surveillance? The answer is: whenever it is determined that the area is too large to be covered effectively by a reasonable number of surveillance cameras but nonetheless there is a need for setting in place an alarm system.

In the past you might have found chained watchdogs assigned to patrol given stretches of the perimeter along the fence. Nowadays it seems an obsolete solution.

The main reason for installing and maintaining such a system, let us be clear in this regard, is to deter trespassers by letting them know that any intrusion will be discovered in real time, with the consequence of dashing the guards in their pursuit to catch them.

Although perimeter control can be set up for any area delimited by straight lines, it is usually dedicated to provide a measure of security to some well defined unit separate from the main property or house. It may be a garage, a stable for horses, a den for animals or a storehouse.

While perimeter control does not replace fences, walls and other passive obstacles intended to limit access and protect the place and the property it encloses, it provides an active system capable of triggering an alarm when the border is crossed.

Robust systems have provisions to limit false alarm to the minimum, by finding the difference between the intrusion of a person and that of an animal.

Different systems employing somewhat differing technology may be considered. Much consideration has to be given to what use should be done with the alarm triggered by the system upon determination of event occurrence.

Alternative options exist, the best choice depending on the particular situation. In most case sounding a siren makes clear to the intruders that the intrusion was detected and that further actions are being carried on.

Phone calls may be placed to police or other authorities and messages may be forwarded to the owner or to select parties. Surveillance cameras may be activated to document details of the intrusion.

Any such action may or may not be enough to dissuade intruders from their actions, in any case the provisions might help in obtaining a rebate on the insurance premium one is requested to pay.

In conclusion, if the physical location of an area to be monitored against unauthorized intrusion is favorable, then perimeter control may be an effective and economic way to improve the surveillance coverage of the premises.

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