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The history of saunas is extensive, however the infrared sauna is a relatively new concept. The evolution of sauna heaters from the smoke sauna to the infrared sauna heater makes for an interesting story. Palm healing, with a 3000-year history in China, is based on the natural healing properties of far infrared. Today’s Infrared sauna is an excellent combination of ancient sauna and Infrared wave technology.

The Infrared Sauna is fairly new but it is quickly gaining its own reputation. The most important part of any infrared sauna is the infrared emitters. Air in the infrared sauna is heated to between 110-120F, the traditional sauna heats up to between 150-180F. There is a common misconception that the infrared sauna does not get hot because it heats the occupants and not the air. This is not true. The Infrared Sauna is a ‘ dry’ environment at lower temperatures than its traditional counterpart.

Any heat that builds up in an infrared sauna is of secondary importance to the infrared energy that will be absorbed directly. The infrared sauna is safe. The upfront cost of a far-infrared sauna is quite reasonable; most of the savings come from the installation. The heater uses low amounts of energy and has the ability to heat quickly, at a very low cost.

The infrared sauna is usually a wooden box type of enclosure that contains infrared heaters. Infrared saunas will cost varying amounts, ranging from very affordable to top-of-the-line. The average electrical cost is 5 cents per kw hour. The Infrared health sauna technology is proven to be effective for detoxification.

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