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It is incredible how Christmas can be an excuse to partake in various activities. Some for physical pleasure, while some to reach that blissful state through our philanthropic acts. It's an occasion to spread the message of goodwill and happiness through our words and more so by our actions, for actions undoubtedly speak louder than words.

In fact, during Christmas the whole of America transmogrifies into a quintessential winter wonderland as all adults and kids go berserk being a part of all the fun and excitement that lies in store for them. Sports like Alpine-ski, ice- skating, cross country-skiing, ice hockey, snowboarding and many other make a beeline in this spine-chilling season filling the heart with mirth and the soul with joys undulated. There are umpteen sports that add warmth to this cold and dull season. Basketball is a very popular winter sport which combines the fast-paced excitement of football with the concentration and athletic prowess of baseball. Those who belong to the rowdy, beer-drinking group, usually tend to have a fascination for Hockey. Snowmobile is another game which is in fact a motorized sled carrying one or two people over ice and snow. It is used both for work and recreation and is a popular winter sport in Canada, in the Northern United States and in the colder regions of Europe.

While most may be making the most out of the time they get to revel and enjoy the season, some may not be fortunate enough to do so. Thereby, some altruistic souls embodying the very spirit of fellow-feeling and sympathy, make sure that they make a positive difference in the life of the suffering souls in their own small way. In fact, some schools in USA undertake the noble task of ensuring that they diffuse the spirit of festivity in the lives of all and sundry.

For instance, some student councils in some famous schools in America have proved to be exemplary in their drive to serve the needy family by adopting one such family from one of its feeder schools each year, for the holidays. Each student who wishes to participate raises at least $50 to contribute to the project. On the assigned day they sing carols for the patients they visit, followed by a shopping spree for their adopted family, who are usually anonymous to them. Some students in another school, every year take an effort to spread cheer and joy in the lives of the destitute by organizing a holiday party for the women and children who live at a local battered women's shelter. The residents are invited to the school, where the students play games with the kids, make sweets and let them feel special as the poor kids are given the liberty to sit on Santa's lap. Gingerbread Express, organized by the student council members at one of the schools, is yet another interesting way of displaying one's concern for the underprivileged children. In this, the paper ginger-bread figures have names, hobbies and size of the kids whose parents can't afford to buy them Christmas presents. So the students and faculty members wrap toys and clothes for these children, which is delivered to the kids with the ginger-bread figure attached on it.

The student council at a renowned school in South Dakota also has a unique way to help the underprivileged people. They arrange a “sock tree" during the holiday period, whereby a tree is set up in the lunchroom area for students and staff to decorate with new socks, gloves, hats, and other items which are then donated to a shelter for the homeless. Christmas Bazaar organized by The St. James NJHS in Arlington Heights is among the few successful charity fundraisers. Children of the lower grades get a chance to purchase inexpensive gifts for their family members and the collections made are donated to the local charities. On the other hand, The National Honor Society at Ogemaw Heights HS in West Branch, MI, organizes a dinner at the local country club with a Christmas theme, which is a perfect blend of the holiday spirit and the fundraising effort.

Citizens here, thus not only enjoy this occasion but also take some time off to indulge in certain humanitarian activities by ensuring that Christmas days are rendered special for the rich and the poor alike.

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