Why Must Our Children Lose Their Innocence?

Arnold Nadler

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Has the world turned into such a terrible place for our children to have a decent childhood? Do we need to protect our kids from harm more than any previous generation before? Were there not as many crazy bad people around when we grew up, pollution, cigarettes, drugs, wars, diseases, and other social situations then too?

If we look back in history, every generation had its own trials and tribulations to deal with. Unfortunately for our grandparents as youngsters they experienced wars, famine, personal losses, and many families were forced to leave the countries they were born in, and everything they were familiar with.

Maybe that is why they just wanted to bring their own children up, our parents, with fond childhood memories, no matter what curves life threw at them. Even thought the world might have changed from when our parents grew up, they tried to bring us up with the same philosophies their folks did. Let kids be kids, and enjoy their childhood. They will have their whole life to worry and try to change the world.

Have we ourselves forgotten how much fun it was just being a kid?

Do we not remember playing in the woods, making forts, rough housing, going to the local park to see how high we could go on the swings, riding our bikes around pretending they were like cars, playing pick up sports with our buddies, or just taking a walk to the local corner store for a popsicle on a warm summer? We managed to accomplish and survive all these activities without parental supervision.

Were these types of positive childhood experiences the catalysts in allowing us to become well adjusted human beings? Through these unsupervised activities we used our imaginations, start learning social skills, and were given the chance to be independent and self reliant?

Is it also possible that back in those days we had more of structured family life when it came to work hours, parental roles, religion, and belief in country? Did we feel more secure because of these things as well?

Should our kids not be given the same opportunities to simply embrace life as a child? Do we really think it is necessary to let them know at such young ages how bad our environment is doing, or about things like West Nile Virus? Is it fair to make them responsible to deal with problems they did not create, should it not be our job as parents to make sure the world is a much better place for our children to live in?

Final thought

In this article I have posed a lot of the questions, to be perfectly honest I do not have the answers. Just like most of you, I want to protect my child from any type of harm, and make him aware of our human condition. Maybe I am feeling a tad guilty because in taking away his innocence, and making him face reality too early. Will he rebel as a teenager because he was not given enough freedom to develop as a child? Will he brand himself skull and bone tattoo, feel there is no future for anyone left in this world, and become depressed? If this is what it means to keep him safe, so be it!!!

The one positive thing we as parents can all find comfort in, is regardless which generation people our born in, they will always have something that they believe their parents might have done better during their youth!!!

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