Keeping Tiled Walls Spick and Span


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When it comes to cleaning, dealing with tiled walls of your home can be difficult. There is a little advice on how to keep them spick and span.

Keeping Tiled Walls Spick and Span.

Cleaning your home requires a lot of different techniques depending on where you are doing the cleaning. Obviously, cleaning out the garage is much different than cleaning out your bathroom. While certain parts of the home have different cleaning aspects, certain services always cause problems regardless of where they are.

Tiled walls are one of the more difficult areas to clean. Whether it is soap scum covering them in the shower, or stains from various food or beverage sources, it can be difficult to get the offending substance off. Fortunately, there are couple different ways to attack this problem.

One of the best substances for dealing with tiled walls is vinegar. Specifically, we are talking about white vinegar. When it comes to surface like shower doors, you can simply take white vinegar on a towel and rabbit across the surface. The first time you do it, and be surprised at how quickly and easily be soap scum residue is removed. Simply put, it works like magic. To make the cleaning process even easier, steam clean the walls by first turning on the hot water in your shower and allowing the steam to loosen up the dirt and soap scum on the surfaces.

While white vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution for tile walls, a particular safety factor needs to be mentioned. Vinegar and bleached do not work well together. As a result, you should avoid using a bleach product immediately after cleaning with vinegar.

When it comes to cleaning tile floors, you're in for a good laugh. One of the best techniques for doing it, is to use mouthwash. Yes, mouthwash. Mix about 1 cup of the mouthwash in with about 4 quarts of water and start mopping. The mouthwash will not only clean the floor, but it will fight the bacteria that builds up their. If you pick any flavored mouthwash, it may also serve to add a nice fragrance to the room. As long as you dilute the mouthwash, it should not leave a sticky residue.

Most people groan it comes time to clean the tiled walls of the home. If you use this advice, you can get it done quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss.

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