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Alarm signs and decals are a simple, low-tech, and effective way to deter crime in and around your property.

Alarm Signs and Decals: What Would You Do?

A criminal creeps towards your back window, hidden by the cover of darkness and bushes. He raises his hammer to break the glass when suddenly he spots the alarm signs and decals affixed to all your ground-floor windows: “This property is monitored by a 24-hour security system. " He stops. He doesn’t want to risk setting off an alarm and alerting the police. Frustrated and loot-less, he moves on, looking for a house that is not armed.

Alarm Signs and Decals: An Inexpensive Sentry

Alarm signs and decals can warn criminals that you might have an alarm system. They can’t be sure if you really have one unless they ignore the alarm signs and decals and break into your house anyway, risking setting off an alarm. For many, the risk is too great, and they move on. Alarm signs and decals can be effective criminal deterrents even if you don’t have an actual alarm system to back them up. If you want something that is affordable and easy to install, alarm signs and decals are an excellent home security option.

1, Warn intruders that your home is protected.
2, Mount yard signs to a post, stake or wall.
3, Stick stickers on any glass surface.
4, Enjoy durability and high visibility.

Alarm Signs and Decals: Your First Line of Defense

If you do have an alarm system, alarm signs and decals still act as a powerful deterrent to potential criminals. If, for some reason, they do throw caution to the wind and ignore the alarm signs and decals, your alarm system will do its job to scare them off and alert you and the police. Alarm signs and decals give you the peace of mind of yet another layer of defense against burglars.

Alarm Signs and Decals: Double Duty

Alarms signs and decals can also help protect your family by alerting rescue personnel to which bedrooms are occupied, allowing them easier response time and making for a quick rescue. Alarm signs and decals can inform them of how many children are in the house, or if there are pets that need to be rescued in an emergency as well. Not only are alarm signs and decals criminal deterrents; they provide valuable information to rescuers.

Alarm Signs and Decals: Installation Is Easy

Installing alarm signs and decals is as simple as putting up a sicker or shoving a stake into the ground. With no wires or batteries, they can go anywhere. Put a decal on every ground floor window and post a sign prominently by every entryway. Criminals can’t miss the warning, and you’ll decrease the risk of having your alarm system tested. Alarm signs and decals tell the world your home is secure –- and criminals will be disappointed. Protect your home and family with the convenient, effective help of alarm signs and decals.

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