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Mykonos Greece, Playground Island of the Cyclades Islands


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How does an island made of granite, with a shortage of fresh water, and relies on desalination, become a world renown destination? By offering clean beaches surrounded by pristine waters perfect for windsurfing and diving. By offering upscale, expensive amenities as well as traditional tavernas, night clubs and beach bars featuring internationally known DJ's and loud music. By being known for nude beaches. Mykonos Greece has earned the reputation of being Greece's playground island.

Most descriptions of Mykonos island make some reference to the color white. . . white washed roads, chalk-white beauty, soft, white sands, dazzling white buildings are all included in the many descriptions of this Greek Aegean island.

Not bad for Greek island originally known as a simple supply station and retreat for the ancient people of nearby Delos.

Mykonos island means “Mass of Stones. " It was named for Apollo's grandson, Mykonos. Mykonos was the son of the King of Delos.

According to mythology, this Greek island is the site of a great battles between Zeus and the Gigantes. Another legend tells us that the Giants killed by Hercules are buried here. Are these the masses of stones?

What we do know is that archaeologists have found the remains of the settlements of the neolithic Kares tribe here. We know Ionians settled here in 1100 BC. Ancient people worshiped Dionysus, Demetra, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, and Heracles.

As did many of the Aegean islands, Mykonos island passed from Roman to Byzantine to Venetian possession. None saw Mykonos island as having much significance since it was never agriculturally important. More modern Greeks, excellent traders and sailors, used Mykonos Greece as a point from which to establish trade with Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria, Marseilles. World War I brought a depression which ended much of this business.

But in recent times, the people of Mykonos island in Greece have reinvented this Greek island as the cosmopolitan center of the Cyclades. Myconos island is small and beautiful and easily explored. Narrow paths through he towns both confuse and enchant visitors. Old paths cover much of the island making exploring the natural world easy and enjoyable. One can hike and encounter local lizards sunning themselves on Classical Greek ruins. It is this combination of rural beauty and classical culture that has created modern Mykonos Greece.

The capital city, also the largest town on the island, is called Hora, or referred to as Mykonos or Myconos. It lies on the west coast. Here the panigyria, the saints’ feast days, are still celebrated. These little festivals lend respite from the rhythms of daily life. Local families provide simple foods and wines, then local musicians come and everyone has an opportunity to dance.

Only on Mykonos island will you see a donkey laden with produce, heading to market pass by an internationally known actress. In this playground of old and new, rural and developed, people know they can relax and play.

Here are also a couple of more travel tips which can help you out while visiting Greece

by S Pappas

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