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If you thought that Nerf toys were just soft and safe footballs, soccer balls and basketballs, you need to check again. Nerf now offer a full line of dart tag, basketballs and backboards, Vortex Mega Howlers, Tech targets as well as the standard line of sports balls. In addition Nerf offers the N-strike products that allows players to fire soft Nerf darts at moving targets right on your home TV set.

N-strike is the most up-to-date and technology based of the Nerf toy line. This interactive system hooks up to your TV set through a DVD player. A DVD that includes the history, mission information, and most wanted is then played on the TV. Players fire soft darts at enemies on the screen to complete the mission and win the game. The Nerf Tech target is a great practice target or an electronic score-keeping target to aim at. More than one player can have their score recorded to see who the best shot is.

The N-strike Firefly is a great gift for those kids who love to play outside at night, as the darts actually glow in the dark when they are shot from the glowing barrel of the dart blaster. Most of the blasters that Nerf sells will shoot the soft darts approximately 30 feet, and with a little practice they can be very accurate.

If you are more into sports Nerf has some terrific new ideas. They have a Nerf Nite Jam Nerfoop that allows youngster to play basketball in the dark. The hoop actually glows, and so does the ball. The ball and hoop use firewire technology to actually light up, and the result is a fast paced and colorful game, even in conditions that would normally be too dark to play. Nerf has also perfected a Nerf Weather Grip Football that comes in either orange or yellow. These footballs are designed to keep their grip in even rain or cold conditions, and they are smaller than regulation size to help smaller hands grip the ball.

In addition to all the new additions Nerf continues to sell a wide variety of the favorite Nerf balls for good all round fun. These soft and durable balls are excellent for younger children that may have difficulty catching or throwing a harder ball. They are available in regular size and minis, so even the smallest hands can handle these toys. The soft material that makes up the Nerf products insures maximum safety when playing with the toys.

Nerf has actually improved upon the football for kids as well. The Nerf Vortex Mega Howler is a football with a tail that allows the ball to fly straighter to help aspiring quarterbacks learn the skill of passing. In addition the Howler makes a really great whistling noise going through the air, adding some excitement to a regular game of catch.

For all round family fun it is hard to beat a Nerf toy. They are safe, made for small and big hands alike, and are creative and fun. Children enjoy Nerf toys, and with the high quality construction of the toys they are designed to provide lots of playtime for young and young at heart.

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