Congratulations! You're 10 Weeks Pregnant


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Can you believe it? You're now 10 weeks pregnant. You'll begin seeing some changes now. Your baby has begun to move around a little in your belly, although it's still too soon to feel anything.

When you're 10 weeks pregnant, your baby will approximately an inch long. Doesn't seem like much, but it's amazing. At only one inch, your baby has formed most of its joints including ankles, wrists, shoulders, hands, feet and a lot more.

Your baby also weighs in at 4 grams. Some of the other things that are happening with your baby at 10 weeks pregnant include genitalia which are now beginning to differentiate from each other. No, it is still way to soon to know if you have a boy or girl, but it is the start of the process. Also, spinal nerves are continuing to grow, and your baby is beginning to grow toenails as well.

Now that you're 10 weeks pregnant, that dreaded morning sickness will slowly begin to subside over the next few weeks. This is great news indeed!

Perhaps you think you're showing signs of being pregnant, but it is still a little too early for anyone else to really see a big change and start asking you about it. What is beginning to happen though, is that you're starting to lose your waistline.

Due to an increased blood volume in your body, you may notice that your veins are showing, when in the past this never happened. Don't worry, this is completely normal. It frequently happens in women's legs and breasts when you're 10 weeks pregnant.

One thing you should now be able to do when you see your doctor next, is hear your baby's hearbeat. That is an incredible feeling the first time you hear it.

Many things are beginning to happen for you now, and there is so much more to come. Be sure you do all you can to get plenty of rest during your pregnancy. You should also strive to stay on a healthy diet. When you see your doctor, ask them about any health issues and questions that you may have. Congratulations again on being 10 weeks pregnant!

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