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Your Unique Baby

A new parent goes rapidly through her baby sleep problems. They affect of course the life of both as the quality of life of the new parents will depend heavily on that.

The first doubt the new parent is going to have is how to understand if his baby is going to sleep enough or too much. We have to say that things are going to be different in each baby, including yours (her behavior will be different than your previous babies).

Small Means Sleepless

A newborn experiences shorter sleep and dream cycles than adult people. A newborn will sleep for two thirds of their daytime, half during the day and half during the night.

These periods of intensive sleep are not continuous: especially at the beginning, these sleep times are going to be really short. Your baby won’t sleep for the whole night at least for the first few months, and of course the same will happen to you.

Why Your Newborn is Sleepless

There is a simple reason behind this: your little baby has to exploit all energy to grow and of course will call for your action at any sign of uneasiness.

A clear example of this is feeding: as your baby is so small, she becomes hungry quickly. This can be especially true if your baby is going to be nurtured by breastfeeding; in fact mother’s milk is easily digested so your baby will need to be fed often.

The net result is that your baby won’t sleep continuously and will ask for your help when she’s going to need it; so you won’t be sleeping too.

Improving With Time?

Accordingly to what I’ve just said, as time passes your baby should be easier to handle, as she gets older. What is going to happen?

1) Your baby is going to sleep less; however even at 2 years of age, she’s going to sleep to 14 hours.

2) The amount of daytime sleep is going to diminish at each and every month.


When your baby reaches 2 years, she should be sleeping through the night; this night sleeping is however integrated with a couple of hours nap during the day.

Napping is another area which is unique to your baby. There are babies preferring a unique nap, others need two shorter naps.

Whatever the case, be sure to avoid your baby sleeps late in the afternoon, as this will make harder her nightly sleep.

The Trap

So you have to be patient, and maybe you’ll need waiting a lot before being able to have a good night again.

The problem is that patience and persistence are not enough: there is a serious risk that in the meanwhile you are training your baby to not sleep.

How is this happening? What can you do about this? Is your baby already making impossible for you to have a sane night? Discover it in my free baby sleep special report you can get for free at my baby sleep tips website.

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