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Another disturbing break-in sucks an innocent victim into a vortex of mayhem. The victim decided to start her day off innocently enough with a trip to the beauty salon. When she arrived at the salon, she hung her jacket on the coat rack near the front door.

Not realizing the rack was out of plain view from staff and patrons, she left her car and house keys in her front left jacket pocket. Her thought was to separate her keys from her purse to avoid any potential identification cross referencing.

What she wasn't figuring on was a sneaky thief coming into the beauty salon. A low-life who rifled through her jacket, found a clump of keys and bolted. When she was ready to leave she sauntered over to the till, paid her bill and grabbed her jacket on the way out the door.

Once in the parking lot, it didn't take the salon patron long to discover she had been duped! Not only were her keys gone from her jacket pocket, her vehicle was gone from the parking lot as well.

Once back inside the beauty salon the lady called the local police to report her stolen car. Within a half hour the police arrived at the salon with a few questions, one of which was, “Did you have your house keys in your jacket pocket?"

When the lady explained she did indeed leave her house keys in her jacket but was not concerned because there was no identification with them, the officer asked her where in her vehicle did she keep her vehicle registration and license.

At that point the victim realized the thief had all the information he or she needed to execute another crime, a home burglary. The attending officer drove the lady to her apartment where they both made a grizzly discovery. The burglar had been into her apartment turning everything upside down looking for jewelry and cash.

This time of year brings out the desperate in people. Desperate to pay bills, feed the family and of course get their next fix. We as honest law abiding citizens need to realize not all people think the way we do. The communities full of crooked losers out there just waiting to pounce on their next victim.

Don't become a victim by leaving your vehicle and house keys in your jacket or coat pocket. With the cooler weather upon us, it stands to reason our keys often find themselves transported from our pant pockets to our jacket or coat pockets.

Carrying your keys in your coat or jacket pocket is dangerous business to say the least. Dangerous because crooks like big bulky jackets that make their job easier when executing a theft whether somebody is wearing it or not.

With this time of year bringing the mobs to department stores it's a natural for a thief to pick your pockets, steal your car and rob your home while you're spending a leisurely afternoon shopping for your loved ones.

Don't become a victim of senseless crimes that involve your vehicle and your home. Know where your house and vehicle keys are at all times, and while your thinking of it move your vehicle registration to a new location within your vehicle. A location where only you know where it might be.

Frank Fourchalk is widely recognized for his sustained commitment to education in Home and Business security throughout North America as a result of his syndicated newspaper columns. Mr. Fourchalk has written for The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Province, and several other daily newspapsers including the New York Post. For more information on your home security check out


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