War Against Crime Starts With T.L.C.


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When I talk about T. L. C. I'm referring to Teaching, Learning and Communicating collectively as a lethal weapon in the war against crime. If we want to put a different spin on crime statistics we must take the time to educate ourselves and others by acknowledging the T. L. C. mindset.

Teaching, Learning and Communicating evolved from programs that involved partnerships between local police and communities in their efforts to reduce crime. It's a well known fact that working together is the only way to be successful at beating the crooks at their own game.

Teaching crime prevention is one of the police departments main focuses. Your local police department offers programs on Personal Safety, where you can improve your safety at home and in public by offering advise on how to respond to physical attack.

Fraud Prevention is taught to combat deceptive tactics used to defraud consumers whether through I. D. Theft , telemarketing or internet scams. Teaching awareness of these and other types of fraud are essential if we're going to survive in the 21st century.

Home Security Check programs are available to escalate the awareness of good home security. These programs focus on the importance of creating barriers between you and the bad guys through proper physical security.

Block Watch or Neighborhood Watch are programs taught to proactive residents working together to help reduce residential break and enters and other property crimes within the community. Teaching communities about increased awareness and crime prevention tips are this programs main focus.

Learning about each and every one of these programs is imperative if we want to keep ourselves safe from unscrupulous predators. Most crime is committed on people that are totally oblivious to their surroundings. In many cases these people don't know and quite often don't care about crime prevention until it's too late. Don't group yourself into that unsuspecting aggregation who have somehow convinced themselves that crime only happens in the movies.

Start the learning process by picking up the phone and enrolling yourself in the latest crime prevention programs offered through your community policing station. Take advantage of community resources so you can gather information that will be invaluable to you and your family's quality of life.

Communicating is an essential part of mobilizing our communities fight against crime. Think of a crime as an unfinished puzzle with several key pieces still sitting on the table. In order to fit another piece of the puzzle, you need a new piece of information from the community. Eventually with enough information, the puzzle is finished and the crime is solved. Sharing knowledge of crime prevention tips is essential in the building of a strong crime fighting community. Keep those doors of communication open and you will be assured of closing a burglars door of opportunity permanently.

Remember that Teaching leads to learning, Learning leads to communicating and Communicating leads to Crime Prevention.

Frank Fourchalk is widely recognized for his sustained commitment to education in Home and Business security throughout North America as a result of his syndicated newspaper columns. Mr. Fourchalk has written for The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Province, and several other daily newspapsers including the New York Post. For more information on your home security check out http://www.yourhomesecurity.ca


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