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Many of us are very familiar with the tin can. That is where we get our sodas. Mention “tin can manufacturer” and we would most likely picture a huge factory with many machines involved in making soda cans. Apart from soda cans, these tin can manufacturers also manufacture other tin objects.

Tin manufacturers may also produce tin boxes. These boxes can range from simple cookie boxes to big tin storage chests. Somewhere in between are tin lunchboxes that would carry designs loved by children. Tin boxes are also made in a smaller scale. Skilled craftsman can design and create tin boxes that carry very delicate designs. These boxes last a long time and could even pass down from one generation to another as a family heirloom.

One type of small tin box that is handcrafted is a pill box. A pill box is meant to carry your daily dosage of medicine in style. Instead of pulling out a plastic case with the days marked over small compartments, you could pull out an elegantly decorated tin pill box and take your medication in style.

The piggy bank also comes in tin form. Buying a tin piggy bank that actually resembles a pig could cost a fortune due to the rounded shapes and rarity. Tin piggy banks are normally cubed in shape with a slot at one end. There would be a locking mechanism as well to keep your money safe inside. The interesting thing about tin piggy banks is that it is quite easy to have your name engraved on one to personalize it.

Drink coasters can also be made out of tin. Simple plain designs could be suitable for everyday use coasters while crafting or stamping intricate designs would go well for decoration coasters. Tin coasters with elegant designs on them would make great gifts. You could also stamp your fraternity or sorority symbol on some tin coasters and use them as gifts for alumni.

The next time someone mentions “tin can manufacturer”, you would already know what exactly the manufacturers are making.

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